We're Looking For A Weekend Editor!

So, anyone want to work at Allure Media across Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker? We're looking for someone to cover the weekend shift on our technology sites - if that sounds like something you think you could do then let us know!

About the Role The new Weekend Editor will be able to work from their own location, acting as our weekend news desk across Gizmodo Australia, Lifehacker Australia, and Kotaku Australia. They will be managing the refeed of overseas content, managing the moderation of reader comments, and writing original content to serve the interests of readers across all sites.

The ideal candidate The Weekend Editor will work autonomously and have plenty of scope to write about all the latest in gadgets, games, and smart ideas for making your life better. As a member of the Allure Technology Network editorial team they will have the opportunity to inject their personality into their work, becoming the voice of the network on Saturday and Sunday.

This is a great opportunity for a writer passionate about games and tech, an awesome weekend gig. It might also suit a top-notch student with a great writing base.

But really, whilst previous experience is helpful, this is really all about what you could bring to the sites: personality, top-notch writing, and an understanding of what makes Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker tick.

You can apply through the official Allure Media website, which can be found here.


    The more I see of this, the more tempting it becomes.

    Odds are that I'll apply, but the whole thing where I'm already working full-time does make it a little hard. Oh well, good thing I have no social life!

      Just spotted this line: "It might also suit a top-notch student with a great writing base."

      I can definitely think of someone around here who fits that bill.

      Dood, you could actually do it. You care about all that shit and you can write. Go for it and I want priviliges cos I gave you that 10bux that time!!!

        Didn't I give you a copy of Pokemon Emerald in exchange for that 10bux? :p

    How about an electrician/instrumentation/weekend warrior writer, oh yeah!

    Looks like fun, and you won't be subject to Tad's horrible music choice.

    But then you can't enter the competitions any more :(

    Just curious Mark, if I've sent a resume off for a position at allure media and have been knocked back three times already... how much would a song about it on youtube help?

      Depends. Would you fight a giant squid?

        How do you have an avatar on Tue mobile site?

    How much of this work will entail approving comments...?

    Man, this job would be so cool.

    Do you have anything else? One that involves me using photoshop all day? Possibly eating kebabs?

    I'm pretty awesome and both of these things.

      I just ate an IMMENSE curry for lunch. My stomach is rolling on top of the keyboard!!!

      In this vein..

      What about IT support? I'm looking for work and I'm sure those kotaku computers and servers must go down sometimes.

      At least that way going on Kotaku during work hours would still be considered work. Not that I would ever do that, because I'm a very hard worker...

    And give up my right to enter Kotaku comps? It's too great a price.

    I would absolutely love to do this - writing is more or less what I do best, I'm of the opinion that my writing style is suitably personable for this sort of thing, and it'd be a fantastic experience to accompany the Journalism degree for which I'm currently studying. Also, editing. I'm one hell of an editor and proofreader.

    On the other hand, I'm only really familiar with Kotaku (Gizmodo is the only other one I've even visited!), I'm not really in a position to be at the forefront of Australian technological/gaming happenings as they occur and my knowledge of stuff is fairly limited, and I don't quite trust my sense of what's newsworthy yet.

    But other than that, /damn/ this sounds so much like the sort of job that'd fit me. I figure there's no harm in applying either way.

      Dont put that second bit on the job application...k?

    Just to clarify: the role involves re-posting US content *and* writing new articles for Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker?

    So... damn... tempted...

      Just do it. Worst that happens is you end up having to quit (long shot)

    Good luck to everyone who applies! Would be great to see another Kotaku regular join the staff! :)

    No thank You. just thought i'd confirm the negative :D

    So one person to do a job that three people normally do?

    Also, do the articles have to be longer than US's one-liners and more relevant than Ashcraft's?

      It would be hard not to be - badoom tish ;)

    So glad. This place is a ghost town on the weekend.

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