What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Shameless Gaming. Shameless Gaming. Shameless Gaming. I am currently chanting these words like a god forsaken, satanic mantra. This weekend will be dedicated to the ills of shameless gaming - an attempt to reduce my backlog, my pile of shame. This weekend I hope to polish off Batman: Arkham Asylum and Bulletstorm. What are you guys playing?

What I've realised so far is that games get thrown onto my pile of shame for good reason - either I got stuck or I didn't really enjoy the game to begin with. It's for this reason that I found myself pleasantly surprised with Bulletstorm. Very few shooters are brave enough to deviate from the military shooter template - Bulletstorm has the balls to try and invent its own way of doing things, and while the constant encounters become stale quickly, in short bursts I'm really enjoying the game.

I'll probably polish off Batman first though, by virtue of the fact I'm so close to the end. Then Bulletstorm... then. Well, I don't even know if I'll get that far! But I have to push on!

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    I'm still working my way through Darksiders, Starcraft and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. Hopefully I can finish one of those this weekend but I am a little busy.

    Damn you social life, getting in the way of virtual satisfaction.

    Borderlands. I just started it, even though I've already got a giant pile of shame...

    LA Noire, thanks to James Mac. Going for the win!

    Then Darksiders, then I'll sit my remaining 30 games in my pineapple down and order them by priority, and see what happens. Maybe Mafia II.

    I'll be playing, having to go camping with family which means no gaming for 39 hours straight as I have to be *shudder* sociable.
    I don't know how I will survive it.
    No gaming.
    At all.

      Use them mad barbarian powers to hibernate through those 39 hours.

    I'm hoping to finish off Arkham Asylum too. I'm stuck on the Poison Ivy fight, those damn vines get me every time. Then I'll hopefully move on to Assassin's Creed. Or The Witcher 2, haven't decided yet.

      just played my first 5 hours of Witcher 2 and it's definitely awesome. Also, I've died like a million times. Stupid game.

    Not sure that I'll get much chance to play anything this weekend. I have two games of soccer and a whole bunch of writing to do.

    If I'm lucky enough to have time to play, though, I think I'll work on the pile. The close-to-completion games are gone so I might work on Metroid Prime 3 and/or De Blob 2. I'm probably about 30% into each of them.

      I really have to finish Metriod Prime 3 as well. have about 10% of the game left to finish, problem is I put it down for so long now I don't know what the $%#! to do. For shame on me. FOR SHAME!!!

    Im thinking, finish homefront, arkham asylum and if i have enough Time LA Noire pretty sure im fairly close to the end.

    Hoping to finish off Red Faction then going to move on to Fear 3 myself. Also might play a bit more Red Dead as I've been getting back into that since the multiplayer event last weekend :)

    Mass Effect 2! Enjoying it more than the first! Can finally see why 2010 GOTY was a battle between this and RDR! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to recruit a quarian on a planet where sunlight kills you...

    Some Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and B Ops. If anyone is interested look me up. Mikazeo.

    Demon's Souls; freaking tough though >)

    Like many others, this Steam sale has just boosted my pile.

    I've just discovered Doom 3, and am loving it. Will probably put some time into that, as long as the dark corners and demonic laughter don't force me back into a few more rounds of Frozen Synapse. Also going to give Killing Floor a go, as Left For Dead just didn't seem to do it for me even though it's an excellent game.

    I'm playing the game where you work all night and have to sleep all day. In the few hours inbetween, I will aim to play less Black Ops and actually finish off Resistance 2 so I can move onto another game in my huge pile of shame.

    I've yet to decide (not sure what's going to happen over the weekend), so I'll probably pick out a random title from my back catalog and play that over the weekend

    Think i'll mainly concentrate on Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

    Borderlands is taking over my life!!! I don't care if i've checked that same damn locker a thousand times!!!! IT MIGHT HAVE A SWEET WEAPON INSIDE THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Errr...sorry bout that
    Will hopefully knock it over this weekend, then get stuck into Darksiders like everyone else.

    Well I'd like to say shameless gamimg but that won't be the case. Zelda, TF2 and Duke Forever will be on the cards. My shameless gaming month would be better spread over a year.

    Ugh, I have to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday, so gaming there is limited. Might get some more time in with Transformers: War for Cybertron. Monday (I work Tues-Sat) will likely be a day spent with my friends watching movies and playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 on 360 for fun. Not that much time on my weekends to play singleplayer videogames...

    This weekend I have to paint my apartment or my wife will have my guts for garters.

    I MAY find time to play some more F3AR. Maybe.

    I'll be busy all weekend but I might be able to get a couple of hours of Overlord II. I put it down cause I was bored with it and now that I'm enjoying it I can't make time to play it.

    Finished Overlord, so will probably move onto Overlord 2.

    However the Steam sales have added the entire STALKER series, Sanctum, Trine, Just Cause 2 (Not even going to bother with the story in this game, just going to cause destruction!), Magicka and I'm sure many others.

    Alice: Madness Returns.
    Despite some ocassionally frustrating fights, I'm enjoying this a lot.
    Especially the environments.
    Also, friend is coming down so I'll be digging up some co-op stuff which I have been putting off.
    Probably Portal 2.

    I'm going through and finding all the secrets in Portal 2 :D

    Just finished LA Noire and Mortal Kombat so the next game in the pile of shame is Uncharted 2. Hopefully I finish that then on with Mass Effect 1 & 2.

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