What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My wife has gone down to Melbourne for the weekend, meaning that, when it comes to shameless gaming - it's my time to shine. But I've got a little bit of a problem - I've managed to get an early beta code for my most anticipated game of the year...

That game is Journey. Early this week I was sent a beta code for the game, and I'm finding it extremely difficult to stay strong and play the games in my backlog. The thing is, I'm not even sure I want to play the Journey beta - part of me wants to wait for the finished product, so I can play the game untarnished. The other part (comprised of 99.5% of my being) wants to get straight onto it and play until I get arthritis.

I'm almost done with Bulletstorm, so after that I'll finish up Batman: Arkham Asylum, or possible InFamous 2. We'll have to see how it goes!

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Got the beta too... from what I've read its actually a very short beta.

    I'm sure you can play through it within an hour or so and then get back to your shameless gaming!

    The beta is awesome and over FAR too quickly! I played it last week (or the week before?) after my awesome GF snagged me a code.

    I can understand why you'd wait, but I say play it. Also, tether yourself to something secure as you WILL be blown away.

    Finally got through Half Life 2 so it is on to Eps 1 and 2. Also on the list is anything I bought from the frenzy that is the Steam sales. I honestly do not remember everything I bought.

      I fully endorse playing the episodes for achievements! They add a whole new dimension to the fun. See if you can get through episode 1 using a single bullet, or carry that damn garden gnome in episode 2 all the way to the rocket ship. Brilliant.

    Just bought Super Street Fighter IV off Steam, but it refuses to recognise my keyboard or controller :(

    So I'll be playing some TF2 and Just Cause 2, and also The Hunter, that I just started playing this week. Very cool hunting game.

    Lucky lucky man...I need a guilt free weekend to complete a bunch on the shame pile if I can ever tear myself away from having fun with the clan on MAG...

    Trenched!!! It's like electronic heroin! Two mates and I have already maxed everything out so, technically, continuing to play is pointless, but... Did I mention the heroin similarity? Must. Play. More!

    I'll be playing Darksiders, Splinter Cell Conviction & some Mass Effect 2 if I have the time!

    Hit level cap in Rift last night, so time to grind!
    Except Saturday my friends and I are all heading to Mana Bar Melbourne (if we get in)
    Curse this socializing thing!

    The Starcraft 2 campaign won't know what hit it. I'm nearing the end and dammit, I will finish this thing before the weekend is over.

    Also, Alice Madness Returns, Trauma Center and Darksiders. Because I'm still trying to make a dent in the old pile of shame.

    Just picked up Red Faction Guerrilla so will be giving that a go.

      Red Faction Geurrilla is the bomb. I finished it about a year ago. When I started it I wasn't expecting much but man I ended up loving that game. I finished the original on PS2 years ago, that was good too. Just need to get around to part 2 and Armageddon!

    Infamous 2! If i manage to finish it this weekend I will probably finish The Witcher so I can finally start on The Witcher 2!

    Knocking over Darksiders (in 3rd portion of final tower), then the God of War trilogy.

    Bioshock 2 I think. I bought it on release day and have only played half an hour in.

    Got a copy of Minecraft last week, and been hooked, so will be playing that - so addictive I want to hate it, but I just can't :P.

    Also, some Red Faction: Armageddon and maybe some Tomb Raider for nostalgia's sake. One day, I'll get to my pile of shame, but that day is far off yet.

    Think im going to do my second play through of ME2 now that I finished ME1 on PC again. Then I might play DMC4 since I grabbed it on the steam sale.

    Wish there was something a little more substantial to play right now..

    I'm actually going to be getting into EVE Online this weekend. So that should be awesome. I also wouldn't mind getting a surprise email saying I got into the Star Wars: The Old Republic testing!

    Trying to get the last trophy for Mass Effect 2 - Insanity!! Shoot me now... Either that or try to finish Castlevania: LoS... or get into inFamous which I got from the welcome back package... can't decide!

      That's my last one too. How difficult is it so far? I'm contemplating setting up a renegade female arms-specialist space-racist to counter my existing paragon male biotician hippy, and figure I should do it on insane difficulty - but if it's just too difficult, I know I'll just give up and play something else...

    Wifes away?......PARTY AT MARKS!!!!

    I haven't touched my xbox since sunday :(
    Tourneys in Adelaide next week so SSF4 and MvC3 for me. I really should jump onboard and at least start Darksiders.

    I'm really failing at Shameless gaming month. My pile of shame was actually pretty manageable at the start of the month... and then the steam sale happened. Needless to say, I'm trying to slog through the Witcher 2 (serously, love the universe, but the combat system is terrible).

    Might start Trine, or Just Cause 2, or the Metroid Prime Trilogy, or Mario Galaxy, or Terraria or... any one got a suggested order for me?

    I would say wait. Don't play the Journey beta. If it crashes while you are playing, it may just break you.

    I'll try and get some more Red Dead Redemption in over the weekend. Haven't managed to play any this week, and with a busy weekend looming, my hopes of finishing it for Shameless Gaming month are once again dropping.

    My new bass and a hint of Portal 2 :D

    Probably some Halo Reach, Zelda OoT, Donkey Kong and TF2. Gotta knock over Donkey Kong so I can at least say Ive finished it!

    Sorry Shameless Gaming, I gave up on my games I was trying to play for you as soon as Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood arrived on my doorstep. I'll be playing that whenever I get a chance. I'm already addicted.
    Apart from that I'll be playing "What the hell did I arrange a Kotaku Meat at my house for?!! I've only got a week to get it clean and turn the junk room into The Pessimist's room !"

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