What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So, new games. My nemesis. You have come to haunt me once more. I need to make progress on my pile of shame for Shameless Gaming month, but hello - what's this? Bastion and From Dust have fallen into my lap? What is a boy to do?

Steel myself. That's what I must do. I must ignore these potentially disruptive influences and focus on finishing off Batman: Arkham Asylum and Bulletstorm - which has turned out to be slightly longer than I expected.

But what are you guys playing this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!


    There are only two missions left before I finish Trauma Center: Second Opinion.

    One where I have to tackle 4 GUILT in a row and one where I have to deal with a harder version of Savato (the one that caused me all that grief here). I do not look forward to it because both are missions that I can't really use Healing Touch as a safety net, like I have been in earlier missions.

    Also, more Alice: Madness Returns as long as it doesn't freeze up on me again.

    From Dust looks amazing, i will be playing snowboarding as i am headed towards the slopes.

    Fromt Dust! - or when ever it comes out ^_^

      Also, just checked my email... I won from dust via Ubisofts contest on facebook ^_^

    Reading Yahtzee's column over at The Escapist reminded me that I have a copy of Killer 7 that I picked up a little while ago that's waiting to be played. Damn, can't even remember where my PS2 is...

    Apart from that, still working through Mafia II, Splinter Cell Conviction Co-op, and a 2nd playthrough (good) of Infamous 2.

    That plus some Terraria and Minecraft should just about fill up any/all weekend spare time!

    Probably some Shogun 2.

    Or I'll be skiing.

    Oh, and Starcraft 2, because it's an "always" game.

    Bastion. Completely sold on that game, plus Felicia Day's blog entry made me want to support it. http://feliciaday.com/blog/bastion

    God of War 1 on PS3 this weekend. Looking at how long it's taken me to get where I am, I dont think it'll get finished by Sunday night.

    I'll be spending my weekend on the Bioware forums abusing them :P

    Nah I'm still getting through Oblivion, picked up the GOTY edition the other day as I never finished it the first time around :)

      Bioware/EA really need to be abused. Anyone that hasn't seen, check the Editor's Picks on the right for the Old Republic info.

      Hopefully I'll get to trawl through Hunted tomorrow and maybe finish it. Listening Hind?

        I just hope that ordering through Amazon will work, I can handle getting it late, but not missing it entirely

    Hey Mark do you know when From Dust will be released in Australia?

      IM pretty sure its next weeks Winter of Arcade game for Live. Not sure what that means for us PC users who are waiting for it (and PS3 if its coming to that?).

    I've tried for the 4th time now to play EvE online. I'm still in the two week trial so I might give it one more shot over the weekend, but I really just can't get over their quest / travel system.

    Other than that, I'll probably also try to finish Arkham Asylum.

    Combination of :-

    Second playthrough of Dragon Age 2 as a Blood Mage (a bit nerfed with the new patch )

    Fear 3 (thanks to lamboman007!!!)

    I'll be playing Limbo on the PS3. Enjoying it so far, but I'm stuck on something (the fly/wasp thing just won't stay still! xD) and I want the satisfaction of figuring it out. :P

    Anyway, I haven't done any shameless gaming in about a week, because I've been catching up on DSiWare and other non-gaming related things, like getting ready for back-to-uni (noooo).

    I'll take aim at Alice: Madness Returns or LA Noire if I find time among sport and work.

    Trying to finish DNF, stuck on Octaking last night and rage quit. Probably get in trouble in some iRacing and squash some undead in Zombie driver, man I love that game as a gap filler. I think the next L4D2 update comes out this weekend, so I will HAVE to smash that out. Anyone know whn it is being relased? I think it is today the 22nd, because we completed the hours challenge last week on cold stream.

    I DONT KNOW! Someone recommend me a game anything, any platform except Wii......

      TF2 is free (though an 11GB download if you don't already own it)

        New solider guns as well, forgot bout that. Smash it out!

          I'm loving the PEW PEW factor of the new guns.

    Spending the weekend with my girlfriend
    and her family. So it looks like I'll be playing Zelda all weekend!

    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Also might try and work my way through a bit more of FF13.

    Playing games is presently problematic.

    I tried in earnest to play The Darkness this week, confident that I am perhaps no more than 2 hours from the end and I can wipe it from my pile of shame. My 360 refused to acknowledge the presence of the game disc, so after a trying twenty minutes I conceded defeat and returned the Fallout New Vegas disc to the tray so my wife could enjoy the Old World Blues DLC while I wrote my Shadows of the Damned review (which you should all go read, right here on Kotaku AU).

    It seems that some older discs cannot be detected by my 360 right now, while more modern games can - the irony being that they're more processor heavy and therefore more likely to lock my Xbox up entirely.

    I picked up Duke Nukem Forever for $66 at JB Hi Fi last night, and went over to EB Games to pick up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $29 and a pre-owned copy of Lego Batman for $3. I have been able to coax my 360 into recognising the discs long enough to install them to the hard drive, which is half the battle.

    I will take a run at Duke tonight and try to get to where the game gets good (I hear it's a few hours in before the gameplay really picks up), and I may also try out the Bad Company 2 campaign. I never picked this up when it came out because I was too invested in Modern Warfare 2 to consider another modern-day multiplayer shooter and the multiplayer demo/beta didn't really impress me. However, I do plan to pick up Battlefield 3 and feel like I should play BFBC2 first.

    I'm going to be playing the Cleaning game this weekend.

    Level 1 involves cleaning my house for an inspection, Chapter 2 involves cleaning my Fiance's grandmas house so she can sell it and Part 3 involves cleaning my Mum's house.

    In the spare moments I've got not sure what I'll play. Possibly Torchlight, although I finished it yesterday and the game is incredibly repeditive.

    Actually tackling my pile of shame has led me to add to it - I enjoyed GTAIV so much the other night that I snapped up The Ballad of Gay Tony last night (on special ATM) and will have a go of that tonight!

    The rest of the weekend will be taken up with Battlefield BC2, Portal 2 (still on Ch 8), War for Cybertron (that's always my Sunday arvo frag-fest, plus I'm up to the final boss Trypticon who kills me with rockets and death!)

      Let me know how Gay Tony is. I got Lost and the Damned back when it first came out, but hated it compared to normal GTA4 because they broke the interface and it just looked like crap. Couldn't read the phone/see the map properly on a FHD tv. But if Gay Tony is better, then I may pick it up while it's on sale and give it a crack.

      Oh and good luck with Trypticon...Just don't stop moving. At all.

        Yeah I got him tonight, and you right you gotta keep moving, the only time you get to shoot him is when the dark energon spikes appear, every other instant he's lobbing something at you.

        BTW Best ending credits EVER!

        I've only done the first mission so far and tooled around in the multiplayer but here's my initial impressions.

        a) The games graphics are brighter, there's no motion blur when driving or haze in the distance, it's like playing GTAIV on a clear day
        b) The tone of the game feels brighter - less depressing than IV
        c) Luis Lopez and Gay Tony are very likable characters
        d) Nightclubs - bit of a throwback to San Andreas (dunno how many times I danced at that San Fierro club just to bed the police woman back in the day!)
        e) Multiplayer is smaller - less modes, but better weapons and extra cash for assists and ending killstreaks!

          Oh on picture clarity - I'm viewing the game on a 42" plasma through a HDMI connection and I'm having no trouble reading the text or the phone (though the phone text looks smaller than in the main game and is white text on a blue background) and that's @ 5 metres from the screen.


    Nearly finished my second play through of ME2.. So finish that off. Then.. I dunno >.> Might be time to pick up SSF4:AE.

    Thinking of picking up LA Noire as I saw it for $60 yesterday. Is it worth it guys?

      Game of the year so far for me, but I love old school adventure games. Definitely worth playing, though.

      No. Wait until it's $30.. or rent it.

      Absolutely. Great game, great length of story, even has decent replay value. $60 is a bargain.

    Mass Effect and probably some DA2 in expectation for the DLC release in a few days.

    Just finished Brink today, might try and hunt some more achievements in that. Won't get much gaming time in this weekend, so the time I do get will probably be dedicated to BLOPS and Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time.

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