What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This is my last weekend of Shameless Gaming - which has been a disastrous failure on every possible level. If I'm lucky I might be able to salvage things by finishing off Bulletstorm and Arkham Asylum this weekend. I've promised myself that if I get those two out of the way I can get stuck into Bastion and From Dust!

But what are you guys playing this weekend? Are you guys still going with Shameless Gaming?

Being perfectly honest, at the beginning I enjoyed taking the chance to play games that time forgot. The massive dearth of new releases provided such an awesome opportunity to play catch-up, but I didn't really foresee how much of a chore it would become! I actually haven't played a game in nine days (that wasn't work related) and that's a big drought for me.

This weekend will be different. This is the final push. I will finish those games. No doubt.


    I'm gonna dig deep into the pile and finish off Perfect Dark. Plus maybe some Metroid Prime 3 and something from the DS pile like Spirit Tracks. Should be good!

    I bought Fight Night Champion and Shadows of the Damned at the JB sale, so I'll be busy playing both of those.
    I'll probably have a couple of Rift sessions until the sun comes up too.

      Fight Night Champion is awesome.

        Yeah, I started the Champion mode last night. I was really enjoying it! I missed it on release because a few other games came out at the same time.
        Prison bare knuckle boxing is the shi-

          In before prison rape joke.

            Yeah I think you're on your own there...

    I've still got some Darksiders to finish off for Shameless Gaming. Hoping I can clock that this weekend to try and make my Shameless Gaming total a nice round 5 games.

      Darksiders was awesome. Cool art design, solid gameplay, Zelda-esque dungeoning, alright story (even though it takes itself too seriously).

        I'm not a huge fan of the dark, gritty dark darkness style they've used. The game isn't without merit but that is something that does bugs me.

          My copy is in the mail, can't wait.
          Sure the style is super-serious darkydarkness and all that, but I just see it as if a 90's Todd McFarlane comic book was turned into a game and enjoy the nostalga ride.

    My copy of Catherine arrives today, so I'll be playing that, as a part of my assignment (play a game and write a review on it)

    Funnily enough Dragon Age 1, been caught up playing it again this week.

    Hopefully I've finish Assassin's Creed (1) for Shameless Gaming.
    I now also have The Witcher.
    I now also have Borderlands GOTY on my laptop.

    I've never played the uncharted series, was thinking of doing that...
    Also got oblivion off my pile of shame, all thats left is bio-shock and fallout-NV ^_^

    But mainly medal of honour FTW!

    Gonna wrap up Uncharted 2 on the weekend before I head of down 'down' under aka NZ.

    The next 2 weekends, I will be working like a dog so I really want to enjoy this weekend. Maybe I might finish off LIMBO as well as I'm really loving it. :)

    I managed to go back and finish Phoenix Wright T&T this month. And that's pretty much it from my mountain of shame.
    I'll be continuing with Sengoku Basara 3. This game almost has too much to do.

    Getting a new puppy, so I'm guessing we'll be running around after that for most of the weekend

    I shall suck it up and try to smash out Demons Souls.
    I hope someone is willing to hold me to that so I have motivation.

    World of Warcraft.

    I just got a Hunter to 85 while I was down with the flu last week, so I'm in the process of decking her out with Season 10 Vicious gear.

    And I've started getting into the World of Pokecraft. I've got a big black Jormungar named Ribbed (because ForHerPleasure wouldn't fit) and a Silithid with its brain exposed called Klendathu.

    I'll probably also camp some Northrend rare spawns and continue to be very unlucky.

    I'm going to have a crack at From Dust. Might also try and get back into Witcher 2.

    Well this holidays is going to be jam packed, someone should organised a event in jan or feb were people compete to see how many games they can remove from there back list as possible. The Shameless gaming 168 hour marathon to complete the most likely large back list off the holiday blockbusters and steam sales.

    Mostly Minecraft and Terraria, some iPad games and whatever I decide to bring for my DS.

    I'm going to the States over the weekend so portable and laptop playable games are a must.



    I'm currently placing Alice (first one) on PS3 and, when it gets too frustrating, hoping over to the GC for some Twilight Princess.

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, from start to finish.

    Recently I've been playing a tonne of games on my Steam back catalogue, but honestly the reason I'd never get through them all is some of the games are absolutely shit. If I paid under $5 for them I'm just going to cut my losses and ignore them.

    Having knocked off my 3rd Shameless Game last night I'm going for my fourth tonight - Portal 2 - I'm told there's only 3 more chambers before some sort of 'big suprise' so I know I'm close!

    Then I'll try out one of the kid's pile of shame (yes they have a pile of shame) Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing - try to unlock all the tracks and characters

    I might also give Half Life 2 another attempt and try and get past this really hard bit in Halo 3.

    Having AP here last weekend playing games on his netbook inspired me to dig up my mouse so hopefully I'll be playing The Witcher.

      Oh, and I forgot my husband gave me the Tales of Monkey Island Collector's Edition this week so I'll probably get stuck into that too.

    With all the ups and downs of my Xbox not behaving I've been thoroughly derailed from Shameless Gaming. I did finish four games this month though only two of them were technically on my pile of shame (FEAR and FEAR 2) while two were new (F3AR and Shadows of the Damned). I have obtained a new Xbox and while I intended to try and finish Arkham Asylum or The Darkness, I instead went back to trying to finish Fallout New Vegas (making almost no progress) and started on Fable III.

    I imagine this weekend will primarily consist of playing Fable III either until I finish it or it becomes tiresome, at which point I will feel compelled to pop in the copy of Red Dead Redemption I picked up at JB for $39 last night and see what all the fuss is about.

    Going to try and polish off infamous 2 and the single player campaign of the new moh.

    Still going on Darksiders also, such a great game.
    Scored a copy of Halo Reach during the week for $29 so hopefully giving the co-op campaign a crack.
    tempted to pick up a wii mariokart bundle too!

    Whelp I'm going to Melbourne for the weekend sothe only games I'm playing are the ones at the Mana Bar :D

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