What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last weekend I was on a weekend holiday up in Cairns, estranged from all games except for Ocarina of Time on my 3DS. I was too busy snorkelling and getting sunburnt to play much of the game, but I still managed to get in a couple of hours. This weekend? It's all happening - but what about you guys? What are you playing?

I still have to (re)finish Ocarina, but in the spirit of Shameless Gaming Month, brought to you by regular Kotaku poster Trjn, I went out and bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Partly because Metroid Prime is on of my favourite games of the last decade, but also because I never finished either of the two sequels.

I'm really keen to re-experience Metroid Prime. Because it was amazing. On all levels.

Enough about me! What are you guys playing this weekend?

EDIT: Andy Murray is going to win Wimbledon this weekend. If this happens, don't expect any posts on Monday!


    HAHA this article straight after "Shameless Gaming Month" one...

    I think we all know what we're playing haha

    I think the vast majority of us are going to be too busy buying stuff of Steam to play anything :P

    ummm where did you find prime trilogy in the shops? I hav'e seen it for quite some time

    Actually just finished playing the MP Trilogy. Took me a few months on and off. They are all really great games, although number 2 is a bit tricky.


      w00t? another wonko in here, hello Wonko <3

      I'll be finishing the awesome "movie" MGS4; and my copy of darkspawn chronicles ps3 has arrived as well :)

    I'ma playin' Bioshock, first and foremost.

    Then it's sort of a tossup between Fallout 3, Devil May Cry, and Metro 2033 or one of the STALKER games.


    Missed out on the Metroid Primes unfortunately. I'll have to see what they're like one day...

    Anyway, maybe weekend will be spent playing a combination of Ocarina of Time and getting through my back catalogue (starting with Donkey Kong Returns I think. I'm in a Nintendo mood. xD)

    ps. I look forward to your posts on Monday. They'll happen. xD

    Andy will choke, again.


    I adored Corruption. This weekend will be study... But next week? Borderlands/Devil May Cry 4. Catching up on what I missed.

      That's good to know.

      I played about 4 hours of it, but that year was an amazing one for gaming. Got distracted by Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, COD4, Halo 3, Uncharted, Mario Galaxy.

      Man - what a Christmas that was.

        Amen. It was a good year. Corruption takes a while to take off, but it gets REALLY good. I really liked the design of Elysia.

          When you mentioned Corruption, I thought you meant the old Amiga text adventure.


          Now I feel really old :(

    I'll be helping the GF Platinum LEGO Indy 2.

    Seeing as RDR is 4x XP this weekend, might see if I can get a posse together (still missing that trophy)

    NBA Jam and Magic The Gathering with Sughly!!! WIN!!! And possibly a boy and his blob cos Sughly's gonna be nice and lend me his copy!! DOUBLE WIN!

      Ok, I think I'll try Magic the Gathering this weekend instead. I meant to have a look all those moons ago.

    Ocarina of Time for sure. I totally missed it first time around and love it so far (only about an hour in). I might also finish installing infamous and check that out too. Ah, finish Dead Space. Wait, Mario Galaxy is beckoning. Shit. Red Dead is on my desk taunting me. I don't know what to do.

    I'm going to be playing Uncharted 2 from start to finish in a single marathon session.

    Things may not go as well as planned.

    RDR Quad XP this weekend!
    RDR Quad XP this weekend!
    RDR Quad XP this weekend!
    RDR Quad XP this weekend!

    Oh and just in case you didn't hear the first time,
    RDR Quad XP this weekend!

      Silly Hugo, there's no quad bikes in Dance Dance Revolution.

    I'm on a massive Zelda binge, so I'll be playing Ocarina of Time 3D, and I'll probably nab the family Wii to play some Twilight Princess, too.

    Majora's Mask on an Emulator as well. Maybe.

    Good campaign of Infamous 2 on hard to get the last few trophies.

    Might play a bit more Metro 2033. I picked up a copy cheap a little while back.

    I was planning on firing up prime trilogy this weekend as well. Been sitting on my shelf for over a year now.

    Going to finish off Beyond Good and Evil HD on 360 (haven't played it since my PC version disappeared) then tackle Alice: Madness Returns now that I've played through the original.
    If I manage to polish those off I'll take another stab at finishing LA Noire, which I put aside due to extremely extended gaming sessions, ie playing it into the next day when I had work in the morning.

    FEAR 3

    Sorry F.3.A.R

    I finally have an entire weekend off so my shameless gaming will begin with Resistance 2. Saturday I've got some L4D2 lined up in the arvo. The rest of my gaming time will be spent plaing Blops on 360 - Double XP weekend! T minus 3hrs until my weekend starts! Hooray for an early shift leading into the weekend!

    I paid $100+ for a second hand copy at EB Games and promptly ripped it to an HDD and returned it.

    I don't condone Piracy at all. I mainly use my HDD so I don't have to swap discs and, on occasion, to play games I'm on the fence about.

    I would love to buy a (reasonably priced) copy down the road. Probably in HD on the Wii U

    This weekend... Might continue the Zelda kick and crack out Twilight Princess on the gamecube to see how it compares with its Wii counterpart.

    I've got the trilogy (I also have the GC Prime's 1 and 2) but I got stuck in Corruption and never bothered seeing it through. It was the part where you have to fling those lever things with a "fishing" technique with the controller and the pirates kept flipping them back. Rage quit!

      That's why I didn't keep my copy of corruption!

    Metroid Prime is probably my favourite gamecube game, great in every way. One day I'll play those sequels too.

    Well I have my birthday party this weekend which will include copious amounts of alcohol, maybe even alcoholic ice cream, so probably not too many games.

    There is one I want to try after readinga about 'beerio kart' a mario kart drinking game. The original concept I didn't like so much so I tweaked it a little. It involves a four player race on mario kart 64. At the end of each lap you have to put down the controller and take a shot, you can't be touching the controller while taking your shot.

    First one to finish wins and gets to skip the 3rd lap shot as a prize. Everyone else still has to finish and do a third shot at the end of the third lap. Maybe I'll even include a penalty for coming last, or for not finishing.

    Ocarina of Time 3DS, Infamous 2 (just finished infamous last week after a 2+ year break for it), an Child of Eden after a few.. goodies.

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