What Does Mass Effect 3's Official 'Fem Shep' Look Like? You Make The Call!

BioWare is giving the more feminine side of Mass Effect's Commander Shepard some love in Mass Effect 3. Fem Shep, for short, will get some shred of box art glory in the game's collectors edition, but what will she look like?

That's up to you. BioWare's letting the Mass Effect fan base pick from one of six female Commander Shepard options—as long as they have a Facebook account—a vote that will determine what she'll look like in-game and presumably on the special edition's box art. All six look rather angry about being Commander Shepard, all six look like fans of eyeliner. None of them really look like the previous default Fem Shep.

Any favorite? If so, better to tell BioWare than me.

Female Shepard. "Like" the one you want in game! [Facebook]


    For me, none of those look the way I pictured Femshep.

    Something along the lines of this;


    is how I always pictured her.

    Bottom middle, the blonde one imo looks best

    I would like to say none of them, but failing that the 5th one (bottom middle) is the best

    Wow they really brought it with the fem models this time! I might even consider a fem shep!

    I liked the previous default femShep much better, honestly. I think it's the hairstyle, or something. It fitted the character and voicework better.

    I voted for the top right, but it looks like the votes have overwhelmingly gone towards the blonde.

    Guess that's democracy...

    I'm going with bottom row to the left

    but thats just cause i love me some emo styled hair


    1 looks like a tomboy. 2 and 3 its hard to tell. 4-5-6 looks nice. If I had to choose I would pick 4. Or 5 but with out blonde hair.

    ... So who the hell was I playing the last time?

    Wait a minute, this might be just for Mass Effect 1 since I haven't played 2 yet. But I remember being able to click on female Shepard in character creation and getting a very appropriate looking femshep as default. Surely this look is even what most players associate with the term 'femshep'?

    Yeah, go BioWare! Supporting the 18% of people who played a female character!


    Nah, but equality is good and stuff.

    (Why didn't they just do this from the start >.>...)

      If FemShep was the default choice then it would be 18% going for MaleShep. Most people probably just picked up the game and mashed start till the game began and didn't even realise there was a FemShep and that the voice acting was far better.

        A lot of people say the FemShep voice acting is better, but I've played both, and I just can't agree.

          For me, femshep seems a bit more of a dry smartarse which appeals to me more. Blokeshep is a bit more straight and whilst thats good, he feels a little less interesting

          You're not alone man, I tried on 3 separate occasions to play femshep but it just didn't sound right...

          Don't get me wrong, it's not bad voice acting, it just isn't as good as the male Shepard to me.

      Actually I want to say it seems more people play female Shepard then male, or tend to play both. With all the youtube videos I have watched and people I know who play the game I just see female Shepard come up more then male Shepard

    i like the look of the bottom middle one the most
    curious to see which they will choose
    i assumed they were just going to use the previous default fem shep though

    I'd say top left and bottom middle.

    bring back the gillard sherpard

    Number 5 looks good

    Definitely Rhianna in a mass effect costume in the bottom left corner

    Since anyone who actually gives a damn what Shepard looks like plays with their own customized appearance, why is this important?

    If people vote for the bottom-left one, then I will call her Rihanna.

    Prefer the top middle or the bottom left, middle personally.

    All six look like they're still in high school.

      I'm with you on that, which is why I voted for number 2 because she looks bad ass and closest to the legal drinking age. I think blondie is the 'best' looking image but if I wanted to play a femshep, I would want one that looks like a hard arse and blondie doesn't cut it.

    Im the blonde in the bottom middle pic.

    July 25, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    "Yeah, go BioWare! Supporting the 18% of people who played a female character!"

    More people played with default male shep.
    should they cut male customization and females all together?

    top 3 are essentially the same which is kinda lame.

    so it has to be one of the bottom ones.

    Checked out the Facebook comments, and it looks like the world loves a blonde. Oh well.

    First or third are closest to how I always pictured FemShep. But it ultimately doesn't affect me because I play a custom MaleShep.

      Blonde is just what Samus should have been.

      I quite like top right, she seems the least emo.

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