What Does Mass Effect 3's Official 'Fem Shep' Look Like? You Make The Call!

BioWare is giving the more feminine side of Mass Effect's Commander Shepard some love in Mass Effect 3. Fem Shep, for short, will get some shred of box art glory in the game's collectors edition, but what will she look like?

That's up to you. BioWare's letting the Mass Effect fan base pick from one of six female Commander Shepard options—as long as they have a Facebook account—a vote that will determine what she'll look like in-game and presumably on the special edition's box art. All six look rather angry about being Commander Shepard, all six look like fans of eyeliner. None of them really look like the previous default Fem Shep.

Any favorite? If so, better to tell BioWare than me.

Female Shepard. "Like" the one you want in game! [Facebook]


    definitely top left or bottom right. No way would Fem Shep have long hair while fighting the universe, that's completely insane.

    Sadly, they all look like generic manequins.

    The first one looks like Natalie portman, the fourth like Victoria beckham and the last that goth bird from ncis

      I vote Natalie Portman.

        She is one very sexy woman, chances of her voice for the game nil

    I vote for the one that looks like FemShep from ME2.

    Is that really such a challenging concept?

    They should have stuck with the ME1 & 2 default femshep for the box art since they've done that with blokeshep

    None of them, but dear god definitely not 6, anything but 6.

    Hasn't femshep always had an official face? as in the default female one in the games?

    5 is closest to my Shepard

    I'd have to say the 5th one but with dark red hair instead of blonde.

    bottom right is by far the hottest.

    whether or not that's what we're supposed to be voting by...

    So long as Femshep is a renegade then its all good. I'll keep my white male shep as my paragon and my black vangard shep as my renegade. Yes I'm aware that's racist and narrow minded of me but it's just the way I've played my characters.

    Defauly FemShep please. Seriously. She's infinitely better than these choices.

    Blonde one doesn't even look like a soldier, she looks like she would happier somewhere in L.A. living the pop culture life.
    Tomboy first one for sure, she looks like a gruff military woman. i like it muchly.

    Looks like I don't need to cast my vote. The one I like best is already leagues ahead.

    I love number four, the bottom left one. Though, I don't know how they went from the original female Shepard to this very good looking version, but I love it!!!

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