What Happens When A Stupid Person Burns A DS Lite?

We've already seen some idiots deep fry a PSP and then try to eat it. Now, let's look at photos taken by—I assume—a less stupid person.

Less stupid, only because he doesn't try to actually eat the burnt DS Lite, but still pretty stupid!

Burning electronics is never a good idea, considering the toxins released or the possibility of an explosion.

Another thing that is never a good idea? Setting off fireworks indoors while dressed as Gatchaman. Likewise, dumb idea.

The DS Lite is a great handheld—my favourite Nintendo one. Pity to see someone destroy it.

【酷すぎ】ニンテンドーDSをガスコンロで燃やす2ちゃんねらー登場 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    I dont get it?

      A round about way of saying it: People are stupid

    what a waste could of gave it to someone who wants a DS

      The article says that the DS was dead b4 they burned it, and it was past it's warranty

    the plastic on the outside of the DS looks like that erally plastic cheese you get when you put it in a microwave or something :/

    I wonder if DS's taste better or worse then PSP's. They need to try this on iron chef.

    Wow, that was exciting...

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