What I Thought I Knew About Assassin’s Creed Revelations Was Partially Wrong

What I Thought I Knew About Assassin’s Creed Revelations Was Partially Wrong

Darby McDevitt told me last week that the lead characters of Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 aren’t related. I’ve played a lot of each Assassin’s Creed game. I thought I knew the important stuff about Altair and Ezio, the series’ two heroes from the past.

But Darby McDevitt, writer of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Revelations was throwing me for a loop. Thanks to McDevitt, I know I’ve been wrong about a bunch of things, one of which is a mild plot spoiler for the whole saga that he wanted to share:

1) Altair and Ezio aren’t related. I simply assumed they were, since the AC series is about a history-spanning conspiracy that is being revealed as a guy named Desmond relives the memories of his ancestors from game to game. In the first Assassin’s Creed, we played as Altair, via Desmond reliving his memories. In AC II and last year’s AC Brotherhood, we played as Ezio via Desmond. In this year’s Revelations, we play as Altair and Ezio, via Desmond. But our two old heroes aren’t related, McDevitt told me. He was standing in front of a demo of the game during a showcase for games publisher Ubisoft when he told me this, by the way. He said it casually, explaining that there was no reason to keep it a secret these days. So… Altair comes from one side of Desmond’s family and Ezio the other, I guess. I don’t know if this is a big deal, but I was shocked.


2) There are standard side missions, after all. One of the radical changes that I thought was coming to Revelations, a transformation of the series’ many side missions to events that were more emergent – where you just sort of happen along side mission opportunities and there are no map markers for them – is a misunderstanding. That’s been misconstrued from the original coverage of the game, McDevitt told me. Minor missions will indeed work that way, borrowing a style seen in Red Dead Redemption for its “stranger missions.” But there will still be side missions that you access via markers on the map. (Bonus detail: Some missions will have us, as Ezio, hunting down characters from the game’s multiplayer mode, each of whom has a fleshed out story and is some sort of rebel against the society in the game’s 16th-century Constantinople. Bonus Detail #2: Some missions will involve capturing territory in the city, as in Brotherhood, which will then transform the area by filling it with ziplines – and these areas can be re-taken by the enemy forces. Bonus detail #3 (!) Some side missions will only be accessible if you have enough brotherhood/minion assassins in your crew, and as you go into these missions you’ll get to know your minions in some undefined way.)


3) This game was at least semi-intentional. This is more on you, readers, especially you sceptics who say that Ubisoft didn’t always plan for three Ezio console games. As we’ve reported (because McDevitt doesn’t just tell these things to me), Revelations, this third Ezio Assassin’s Creed game, was originally going to be the planned 3DS game Lost Legacy until someone higher in Ubisoft mandated it should be a console game. McDevitt told me it’s because they loved the setting. I suggested it also might be because they love having Assassin’s Creed games each year.

So I wasn’t completely wrong about Revelations, and the game still looks very good. All is well, it seems. Look for Revelations later this year. Hopefully Ubisoft isn’t wrong about trying to make another great Assassin’s Creed just a year since we got the previous excellent one.


  • That’s interesting about Ezio/Altair not being related. It warped my mind initially, but after pondering it some it makes complete sense. I can’t wait for this game, though I hope it feels like its own thing — Brotherhood seemed almost like an extension of Assassin’s Creed 2. (My favourite of the series so far.)

  • Easy sale. I’m buying this. Maybe not immediately, but whatever super edition they’ve got, I’m getting it the moment it dips below retail.

  • I dont care if it’s only a year. If it’s of similar quality to Brotherhood (even with the MP matchmaking bugs) AND doesnt have silly DRM I’ll buy it on PC immediately. I already have my wallet out at I type this.

  • Definitely pumped for this game.

    I’m also surprised that Ezio and Altair don’t come from the same bloodline. I mean, they didn’t really expressly confirm it, but especially after the Revelations trailer, where Ezio sees an apparition of Altair at Masyaf, I though that was some sort of bleeding effect or Eagle Vision, stemming from the two being related.

  • The thought that Ezio and Altair were related never really crossed my mind. All I thought was that they are related to Desmond, and that’s where the thought process on that stopped. Maybe I missed something in the story that is supposed to make us think the two are related?

    • well yea…the normal thought process is that if they were both related to Desmond, then the immediate implication was that they were related to each other.

      Haha how did that thought not cross your mind? Does it mean all this while you were thinking Ezio was from Desmond’s dad side and Altair was from his Mother’s side or something?

    • Hold on, does anyone remember the beginning of AC2? I recall a scene right at the beginning where you play as Altair, go to the top of a tower, get ‘intimate’ with some chick, then Desmond is like “why am i not following Altair, but rather this girl?” to which the answer was Altair knocked her up and you are following the baby, Desmond’s ancestor. Maybe I’m not remembering it right.

      Although having said that, after that it jumps to Ezio being born, so i guess they dont have to be related.

      But still in Ezio’s family’s villa they have Altair’s armor and sward and stuff hinting to the fact he was Ezio’s ancestor or something.


      • Thee’s no question both lines are assassins, which is reason enough to have the armour if Ezio’s uncle Mario is currently the main presence of the assassins. I think I read that Ubisoft are going to address how we’re going to be seeing future Altair back when it was first announced. Something about the Animus screwing up?

  • I know I’m being a grammar nazi here, but Altair and Ezio are related, through Desmond, Ezio just isn’t a descend of Altair.

    • You’re saying that if my great grand son married your great grand daughter, we suddenly become related? I’m not sure that is right.

      Also, is it such a huge leap that Arab Altiar and Italian Ezio are no related?

  • That makes sense I guess, it’d be why Desmond is important to the whole story, he may be one of the only people in the world whom just happens to have two ancestors whom were Assasins.

  • I don’t know how canon it is, but in Oliver Bowden’s novels Altair’s descendants are explained and tied into the Polos’ journey back to Italy, which explains what would otherwise be a pretty massive coincidence. Altair’s descendants couldn’t just independently meet Ezio’s; it’s too unlikely.

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