What Is Sony-Microsoft.com?

According to DomainTools, Microsoft registered the domain Sony-Microsoft.com. No specifics what this entails—could be anything from software to game machines. Kotaku is following up with Microsoft. [DomainTools]


    Nothing good can come of this unholy union.

      Wow. I can't believe there are still people around with immature attitudes like this.

    Do I hear wedding bells?

    play-box or x-station anyone?

    None can stop this Deadly Alliance

    I smell a trap, a lawsuit and an even stronger rivalry between the 2 companys

    Hmm. PS4 rumoured to have a Kinect-like peripheral, both companies silent about their next console, both companies expecting to let the current-gen consoles run for a few more years........

    (just kidding. sort of.)

    Probably just related to Sony's Vaio laptops.

    I thought popular opinion was that this is windows phone 7 related.


    I don't want them to do the next console together out of fear of being lumped with the Xbox controller as the controller, or worse, everything being Kinect-like.

    Kinect is such a giant, horrific abortion.

    All these Sony-Microsoft team up rumours get me scared and excited. It could be the best of both worlds, or the worst of both worlds :/

    Sony-MS team-up would be so good in so many ways.
    Windows 8 on the new Sony slates?
    PlayBox w/ Kinectmove?
    Sony Ericsson WP7 handsets?
    Or maybe just MS and Sony working to unify their online gaming offering (with the PSN hacking fiasco, perhaps Sony wants partnership with MS?).

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