What's In Store?

This is What's in-store, where we take a regular look at the latest releases, and price match them across the three major specialist retailers in Australia. Who's the cheapest this week?

NOTE: These are the prices as of today. If you guys have spotted any other deals, be sure to let us know in the comments below and we'll update accordingly!

F.3.A.R. GAME: $68 (360/PS3) $64 (PC) EB: $79.95 (360/PS3) $89.95 (PC) JB Hifi: $74 (360/PS3) $65

Duke Nukem Forever GAME: $68 (360/PS3) $64 (PC) EB: $88 (360/PS3) $89 (PC) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3) $79

InFamous 2 GAME: $88 (PS3) EB: $99.95 (PS3) JB Hifi: $79

DiRT 3 GAME: $78 (360/PS3) EB: $79.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3)

Call of Duty: Black Ops GAME: $74 (360/PS3) EB: $96 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $89 (360/PS3)

Homefront GAME: $68 (360/PS3) EB: $54.95 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $79 (360/PS3)

FIFA 11 GAME: $34 EB: $39.95 JB Hifi: $34

Mass Effect 2 GAME: $28 EB: $43.85 JB Hifi: $89

Transformers 3 GAME: $78 (360/PS3) EB: $68 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $69 (360/PS3)

Red Dead Redemption GAME: $38 (360/PS3) EB: $36 (360/PS3) JB Hifi: $49 (360/PS3)


    I saw Mass Effect 2 in JB Hifi (Carousel, WA) in a '2 for $40' section. Also there (from memory) were Assassin's Creed (1), Mass Effect (1), Prototype, and a few more.

      Saints Row 2, Darksiders and one or two console flight sims were in there as well, last I checked.


        Same with Fable 2 GOTY, Marvel (something) 2, and Singularity

    I am pretty sure EB is selling Duke Nukem Forever for $68 as well. Has been on their website for the past week or so... http://www.ebgames.com.au/sale-product-1399-home-July-Sale---DUKE

    I'm sticking to my pile of shame for now. None of the titles above really grab my attention.

    Mass Effect 2 is about $29 wherever you go, bought mine from Game.com.au with free shipping for that much, took less than a week to get to me!

    "Who's the cheapest"?

    Does anybody actually buy from these brick&mortar shops any more? I certainly wouldn't be referring to them as "cheap". Their prices all look absurdly high to me, particularly for the more recent releases.

    I know that I can buy almost every one of these games 20%-50% cheaper than the prices listed here, just by buying from an online retailer instead of from a brick&mortar shop.

    Kotaku writers/editors: maybe you'd consider including web-store prices in future reports on price comparisons? I think those would be more useful, at least for me.

      Try CheapSkate Gamer, posted every Tuesday.

      Yeah, I laughed seeing these prices against the recent Steam sale, and ozgameshop :-D

    Which JBHIFI store were you going to? I've never seen one so overpriced!

      If you guys spot anything cheaper let me know and I'll update!

    Why is Fathreeir $10 more on PC than on console at EB? :S

    Some good deals out there:

    Fallout New Vegas: PS3/360 – Game $44
    Fallout New Vegas Collectors: PS3 – EB $35.84
    Final Fantasy XIII: PS3/360 – Dick Smith $20
    Forza Motorsport 3: 360 – Big W $15
    Gears of War 2: 360 – EB $23.94
    God of War 3: PS3 – Game $28
    God of War Collection: PS3 – Dick Smith $30
    Mass Effect 2: PS3 – Game $28
    Mass Effect 2: 360 – Big W $28.84
    Red Dead Redemption: PS3/360 – EB $35.98
    Nintendo 3DS Console: Target $299
    Wii Console + Mario Kart Wii: Big W $138
    Pilotwings Resort: 3DS – Big W $48.84
    Pokemon Black/White: DS – Big W $48.84
    Shogun 2: PC – EB Games $49.95
    Uncharted: PS3 – Big W $29.92 (Platinum)
    Uncharted 2: PS3 – Dick Smith $30
    WoW Cataclysm: PC – Dick Smith $30
    Zelda: Twilight Princess: Wii – Dick Smith $20
    Cursed Mountain – Wii – [email protected] EB or Dick Smith

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