What’s With All The Cancelled 3DS Games?

What’s With All The Cancelled 3DS Games?
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Maybe it’s bad timing or just bad luck. But there’s a growing list of cancelled 3DS games. That’s not good.

On the list of canned 3DS games, there’s My Garden, which was supposed to be a 3DS launch title. There’s also Saints Row: Drive-By, also apparently canned.

Four Hudson games for the 3DS were canned, including Omega Five, Kororinpa: Marble Mania, Bonk, and Bomberman. However, these cancellations could be due to the current situation at Hudson.

BloodRayne: The Shroud wasn’t canned outright, but it’s development is currently on hold. Also, DJ Hero 3 hasn’t been officially cancelled, but it seems like this game is going to fall by the wayside. Blame the flagging popularity of music games for that!

Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy was officially canned, and as of yesterday, Mega Man Legends 3 bit the dust.

To add insult to injury, it was revealed this week that 3DS game Crush 3D was delayed due to uncertainly over whether or not the 3DS is going to succeed.

The Nintendo 3DS was released in late February in Japan and in late March in the West. It’s only been out a few months, and it’s already being battered by bad luck and strong headwinds. There are big 3DS games on the horizon, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is currently out.

The issue that plagues Nintendo hardware isn’t traditionally a lack of good Nintendo games, but a lack of good games from outside developers—not to say these canned games were amazing. However, if developer after developer jumps ship, what kind of message does it send studios thinking about making a 3DS title?

『ニンテンドー3DS』のゲームがどんどん開発中止になっていく・・・ [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

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  • Wait, the main selling point of the 3ds is a gimmick, noone’s buying in, so game devs are shying away?

    I would never have expected that to happen!

    Outside the 3d, the 3ds just doesn’t offer much to incline upgrading from a DS/DSL/DSi. The 3d they have will likely never be enough to make a game jsutify it on it’s own, so it mostly ends up tacked on and kind of ‘meh’, and that is assuming it works for your eyes and doesn’t cause pain.

    I feel for Nintendo. They do tend to take a lot of all or nothing gambles that often pay off (The DS itself, the WII, NES/SNES, etc), but I just don’t see how 3d was ever going to be it. There was too much ‘We’ll make this platform and hope someone finds a killer app’ for it, and it flopped this time.

    Are many/any companies considering moving their 3ds titles back to the ds/dsi? Since the 3ds can still play them, it would seem the logical path to get to the Massive Installed Base. Harsh for the big N, but might save devs who pumped money into games for a system that noone wants.

    • yup and it’s ironic that the 3D is probably the number one thing holding the system performance back.

      I actually think the Nintendo would have been better to launch pre the upcoming Xmas and have some killer apps under it’s belt.

      than instead of the lacklustre launch they have had.

      It also reflects poorly on the WiiU’s future seeing as that it too is based on a gimmick at the moment. And while it’s a drawpoint for the 3DS im not sure of it’s advantages for the wii

    • There could also be a chance that there have been attempts to fully utilize the 3d capabilities in these cancelled games and the full reason why they are cancelled could just be that they’re not testing well enough to instill confidence in the devs to continue development

  • These cancelled games on 3DS is becoming a trend. This is what Ninty get for not flooding their system with a tonne of support from the get go! It seems that it was released too early, and therefore the lack of support. Either that or more probably they caught wind of the pending Vita, and decided to hold everything back until just before the release of it.

    You cannot tell me that Star Fox, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus and the other “holiday” releases, aren’t ready to hit shelves today! There is no way they all aren’t ready to go. Ninty are just holding off until just before the Vita release so people can only aford one system, and they’re hoping it’s the one with all the re-runs that people are going to choose. Very risky considering they are losing games and developers all over the place!

    My 3DS is extremely quickly becoming an instant trade to a Vita. Then I hope like hell the Vita will be supported, otherwise handhelds are going to be a “remember when we used to have…”

  • I love my DSLite. What’s that? There is a new veraion of it that has some sort of 3D gimmick tht nobody uses and gives people headaches? No thanks, Vita me up Scotty.

    • I agree the Vita looks amazing but I’ve been burned with Sony handhelds before. And for the record, I’ve never had any vision trouble with the 3D and I played the entirety of Ocarina of Time with it on and found it to be an amazing experience. Although with the current game lineup I do regret not waiting till the Vita was announced to decide which handheld I wanted to support.

    • I’m the same way. I *do* like the idea of the 3DS being able to play Netflix, but other than that, I’m quite content with my DS Lites (I have two of them)

  • Well there we go. The person above thinks it’s just a new variation of the DS family. Nintendo hasn’t done a very good job of making it clear this is a totally new console. Probably their own fault for releasing so many variations of the old model DS in the first place.

    Having said that, playing a real game like OoT in 3D is pretty amazing. There are times I turn it off like when aiming with the gyroscope which is actually pretty amazing and intuitive, but i have the 3D on most of the time.

    It’s all a matter of time. Taking it with me and getting play coins and playing street pass quest and getting the spot pass pokemon sent to me overnight and getting street pass encounters, all these things are hughly addictive. The poor 3DS just has to get to the point where enough people have one to really make use of all it’s features the way it was intended. Will it ever get there? It’s not looking good with all these game cancellations, but there some awesome 1st party games coming soon, and while it won’t be enough to stop the criticism of the system, i for one hope it helps the systems chances for the long haul. It’s a definite uphill battle for Nintendo that’s for sure.

  • I’m disappointed with my 3DS. The tech is fine, it works pretty good and although it cost too much, it’s allright.

    But the game library, including the eShop, is pathetic. Absolutely appalling, everything has been delayed, cancelled, or made only for America (see SMTDS:Overclocked) (and that was delayed).

    Why are they not releasing GBA games, Snes games, nes games etc on their eShop to at least have SOMETHING to tide people over for these ridiculous delays? It’s been handled really poorly.

    I’m gonna get a Vita, but I’ll hang onto 3DS just for whenever Layton and Phoenix vs Layton finally come out.

  • Pretty simple really, the main market for handhelds is parents buying for their kids, price of a DSI ATM is $150 price of a 3DS is $300 – as a parent – which would you choose?

    Hell, as a gamer, which would you choose – the one with region lock-out and a poor battery life? No thanks.

    Partly Nintendo’s problem is that the 3DS is not differentiated enough as a brand to stand out from the range of DS machines, another problem is that its impossible to see the benefit of a 3D screen without the benefit of an in-store demonstration – but how many stores have working 3DS models on display? At least where I live – None!

    Finally for 3rd party publishers maybe they’re coming to the realisation that people might be unwilling to pay upwards of $50 for handheld games, especially when you can buy hordes of Xbox and PS3 games for under $40

  • For me, it’s simple – the 3DS is too expensive, when all I want to play is Zelda and Starfox. If I can almost buy a PS3 for the price of a handheld console, its definitely too expensive.

  • As a purchaser of Nintendo platforms almost exclusively for games not made by Nintendo it has traditionally been for me at least the console of whatever current generation that I own the least games.

  • My other issue is how many re-run games are we going to get from Ninty. Besides an upgrade to Kart and a new Mario and Paper Mario experience, the rest are stuff that I played years ago. New content is definately required from Ninty itself! Otherwise I may as wrll bring out the old machines sitting in my garage! And on those at least I have Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. Ninty is losing their long term fans!

  • It boggles my mind that Nintendo doesn’t just flood its online store with its old ROMs so people can buy in a flurry of nostalgia. Don’t they get this? Then people can happily play Zelda:LTTP, DKC, SMB3 and SSF2:T while they wait for the 3DS library to fill out.

    Also, what ever happened to AR games?

  • umm, everyone is putting the 3ds down, saying that the 3d was the only thing about it… have you seen the graphics, they are a whole lot better than the ds… yeah sure some of the games are dropping, but have you still seen the titles, I know a bunch of people waiting to buy it later on for Tales of the Abyss… Kingdom Hearts DDD, Smash Bros, Snake Eater, Kid Icarus… lets face it, the launch titles sucked… which is why not that many people have bought it, Its not like nintendo can just give up on it, It is the official successor of the DS… and while people can be trolls, it is actually better than the ds… sure some of its third party are dropping… lets see…ubisoft,for nintendo… it has always been shovelware. Capcom, never really seen that many titles for nintendo either… companies like Square Enix and Sega will go through with releases… plus nintendo has good games, so I like the 3ds, plus it is real 3d, for the people who can actually take it… if you cant, enjoy the graphics

    • It’s true. A lot of the developers dropping out haven’t really contributed anything overwhelming for quite some time. Meanwhile, my personal favourite developers are still on board; because let’s face it, Square Enix and Nintendo are enough for me to buy a 3DS. They are, in my opinion, two of the greatest game developers today, and barely any of their releases prove to disappoint me.

      As for now, I’m just chugging along playing Ocarina of Time, as well as finally getting around to buying all the DS games I missed. Not to mention some of the releases on the eShop have been absolutely must-buys for me (Donkey Kong was soooooo nostalgic). Not a day goes by without me picking up my 3DS, even if it is just to continue collecting Pokemon for my 3D Pokedex.

  • Nintendo are a disappointment, i never imagined i would actually regret buying on of their products but here i am. My 3ds cost me 350 and what do i have to show for that, nada. As much as i love nintendo , i cant get over the act that they really screwed me over, and they dont seem to want to fix it.

  • I wonder how much sales would go up if the 3DS could be hacked for emulators and homebrew?

    Of course game sales would suffer, but still.

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