When Call Of Duty’s Creators Left, They Took A LOT Of People With Them

When Call Of Duty’s Creators Left, They Took A LOT Of People With Them

Last year, Vince Zampella and Jason West – heads of Infinity Ward and the creators of the Call of Duty franchise – abruptly resigned from the studio and formed a new company.

At the time, it became knowledge that a few of their former IW colleagues had joined them at their new studio, Respawn Entertainment. Now, more than a year later, it turns out they’ve been joined by a whole lot more than just a few.

The company’s website has been updated with a list of its employees, and it lists 40 former Infinity Ward employees as being on the books. Forty! That’s a sizeable chunk of the Modern Warfare 3 developers’ roster, and means not only has the Call of Duty studio lost its leadership group, it’s lost a lot of its grunts as well.

Respawn is working on…something, which won’t be ready for a long, long time.

Company [Respawn, via CVG]


  • Do we know what these 40 people actually did when they were with IW? If there were just “grunts” as the article puts it then what’s the big deal? So what if IW lost the gaming equivalent of an errand boy? I’m sure they can easily replace these nobodies.

    • I just imagined 40 Respawn employees reading that comment and then quietly excusing themselves from the room. A few moments later they are fully clothd and curled into the fetal position under a shower’s spray as they softly weep into a rolled up towel.

      I confess that I giggled at that image. 😛

    • They are still the grunts whose job it was to build one of the most successful game franscises ever. As well as they also left with West and Zampella to this new studio, meaning that they also hold many of the same values and ideals that the creators of one of the most successful game franchises ever.

      So they’re not nobodies.

    • You’re stupid, or trolling. I’m not sure.

      Those errand boys (that contributed to the best console FPS ever made) include;

      Game Designers
      Software Engineers
      VFX Artists
      Systems Specialists
      Sound Designers

      Most of which worked on the Modern Warfares. You know, all the critical parts of the team that makes a video game.

      Lol cuz you think that 2 dudes could make the whole thing right, and everyone else is just there to give Vince and Jason blowjobs and get them coffee.

      No you have to be a troll. No one is that stupid (maybe creationists, maybe).

  • I see they still start off each meeting with a messy sacrificial offering in the middle of the room…

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