Whenever Anime Women Trap People In Their Cleavage, Catherine Fan Art Will Be There

The box art for the newly released Catherine is sexy, striking, and apparently easy to replicate using whatever large-chested anime woman you happen to have lying about. It's not copying, it's a tribute!

Kayris from 8BitFix has gathered together some of the better Catherine cover inspired works from around the internet, representing everything from Hellsing's Seras Victoria to someone with a cold and poor spelling showing a little love to Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi. Eh, clothe enough.

Hit up the link for more colourful candy Catherine cover fan art.

Catherine Fan Made Covers With A Twist! [8BitFix]


    Kusanagi aside... I don't get the reference from a single one of those. :-/

    Laughed so hard at the Gintama one!

    Ah yes, unavoidable Madoka reference. Why is not QB in Mami's cleavage?

    Hah, go Scanty. Kneesocks should have someone drowning in her cleavage as well. Boobs within boobs within boobs.

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