Where Minecraft Meets Okami

Ever since it popped up this morning, people have been quick to say that Aaron Bishop's Lords Of Uberdark looks a lot like Minecraft. The fact Minecraft's creator helped spread the word may have contributed to that.

While Lords Of Uberdark (which at the moment is little more than some alpha code and ideas) is in the same mine/craft guise as...Minecraft, there's one key difference: it's not based around blocks or tiles. It is instead free-form, your ability to edit the world being far more natural than something which ends up looking like a giant LEGO set.

I'm also digging the art style, the bright colours and stark lines invoking memories of Okami.


    For free form editing, that looks FANTASTIC.

    I was expecting something lame, but I'm blown away with what I've seen here.

    That's the most useful hourglass I've ever seen.

    Should probably mention that this game is being funded by Kickstarter, and you can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/kickstartuberdark
    I've already pledged based on this video and the dev's to-do list...

    Reminds me of Worms: Mayhem, but with more smoothing.

    Looks great. I'd even go as far as to say it could be better than minecraft.

    That is really quite remarkable. Even post Minecraft this is a pretty sweet little sandbox! I wonder if he'll create a more architectural building mode to combine the kind of organic feel he has going already with the more human built environment.

    a few weeks ago Kotaku posted some procedurally generated landscapes that looked near-photorealistic and TB'ers speculated about a minecraft game using that sort of tech. it's not as far away as we thought.

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