Wii Fit U? Wii Sports U? Wii Music U? U Betcha!

Nintendo has trademarked a whole host of Wii U titles. Most are fairly obvious, such as "Wii Party U", but with one glaring miss: Nintendo trademarked "Mii U" and not "Wii Mii U". Oh no, quick Nintendo, quick!

Here is the full list, courtesy of website Siliconera:

Wii U + logo Mii U Wii Fit U Wii Sports U Wii Music U Wii Party U Wii Play U WiiWare U Wii Balance Board U Balance Wii Board U Wii Wheel U Wii Zapper U Wii U Fit Wii U Music Wii U Party Wii U Sports Wii U Play Wii U Ware Wii U Balance Board Balance Wii U Board Wii U Wheel Wii U Zapper Wii Speak U Wii U Speak Shield Pose

This isn't confirmation that Nintendo is making, say, Wii Party U. However, the trademarks are so obvious, it would be more surprising if there wasn't a game called Wii U Sports.

Many of these trademarks are protective squatting to prevent other companies from taking them.

The one trademark that sticks out is "Shield Pose". That is the name of a demo Nintendo showed at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

A Gallery Of Wii U Trademarks Filed By Nintendo [Siliconera]

Top photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty


    Wii play U, Wii zapper U... they are only missing Wii screw U.

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