WWE Brawl Is Most Likely Not For You

I've always been a huge fan of WWE, since I was young. Over the last four or five years, however, it's become increasingly marketed towards kids, and I had that confirmed when I went to check out the WWE's Australian show last weekend and noticed the sea of John Cena shirts and the insane, collective scream of 15,000 children when Cena hit the stage. WWE Brawl is most likely for them - it sure as hell isn't for me!

In fact, WWE Brawl actually reminds me of that bizarre WWF cartoon with Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant they used to show in the 80s (sweet lord this post is making me feel old).

While WWE All Stars, I felt, was really created for older fans like me - with an inflated sense of nostalgia - WWE Brawl is definitely more for the kids.

It's still real to me dammit!


    I really want a CZW game, or any game with over-the-top deathmatch wrestling.

    Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was the closest thing to a really good game that incorporates hardcore wrestling. And we never got a PAL release. Yay!

      It actually did a get a PAL release on PS2.

      You can import one from Europe for around $50 or so.

        $50 you say? Last time I checked they were only available in a small amount of countries and would go for $100+ on ebay. I know it never got an Australian release.

        I was hyped for the new game on XBLA, but it turns out it's this ultra simplified family friendly thing. No thanks.


          I bought a copy off him last year. It's $60 inc shipping.

            I'm a bit too late I'm afraid. My PS2 has long since been packed away.

      Yeah it did get a pal release. Though after a decade of playing fire pro wrestling d, it's easier just to mod ur ps2 and dl the iso of fire pro returns the Japanese version with English sub title patch.

    that looks. . . ugh. . .

    I think I'll just hold on to the inevitable release of WWE'12 and give this cartoony looking train-wreck a miss Double-Double-E

      You can save even more money and just forgo the stale smackdown v raw product and look into the back catalog of amazing puroresu games that exist.
      King of collesseum, all star pro wrestling, fire pro d. touken retsuden 4 on DC is better than any smackdown game ever made...

    What the hell was that. I cannot even comprehend that.

    You mean Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling?


    I used to like the Hulk Hogan cartoon! I was only 7 or 8 at the time though. I remember dragging our mattresses outside so we could get beat up by my older brother AKA "FatCat" AKA "King Kong Bundy" AKA "Stop farting on me for gods sake".

    My god. .that looks... just bloody awful!

    I thought wrestling was always directed towards kids? whats changed? the kids got old.

    As a wrestling game yeah I can see it's not too good. On it's own, probably might be a bit of fun.

    Either way, the last wrestling game I played was on the PS2 and I only played it because my cousin brought it over when he visited and because you could create your own wrestler and I made one that looked like Solid Snake :P

    While WWE All Stars, I felt, was really created for older fans like me – with an inflated sense of nostalgia – WWE Brawl is definitely more for the kids.

    I have to disagree. I'm an older fan but I really did not like WWE All Stars. Yeah granted I could see what they were aiming for but personally I liked the less successful Legends of Wrestlemania better.

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