Xbox Live Indie Devs Plot Another 'Uprising'

On the heels of the "Indie Games Uprising" of the winter, Xbox Live's indie development community is planning a 10-game indie blitz from August 21 to September 2.

The organisers just put out that trailer and come August 1, will begin taking a vote on candidates for inclusion through their Facebook page.

Meantime, the snippets of unidentified games in the trailer should serve to whet your appetites. That first one looks like it was put first for a reason: It looks damn good.

Indie Games Summer Uprising [via Armless Octopus]


    Looks like I'll have to check out a few of those.

      Yeah same here, oh wait, that's right we can't. F♥cking MS.

        Not really MS' fault, it's our classification board. Not even them, I guess. It's our classification *rules*.

          Not entirely, to my knowledge Microsoft haven't even tried to float the concept in Australia.

          In the mean time, we can get unclassified XNA games on our phones, but not our home consoles.

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