Yes, But Can A Ten-Core PC Run Crysis?

According to reports from China, AMD will next year be releasing a new CPU called Piledriver. Appropriately, given its name, it may well go Zangief all over your games (or at least the games of the future that are actually coded for it), because it's got ten cores.

Yup. Ten. The catch? All those cores means it won't ship with any on-board graphics, and will need a new motherboard socket called FM2.

The Piledriver is based on the Bulldozer, which has a paltry eight cores.

AMD's 10 core Piledriver chips revealed [PC Gamer]


    That screenshot is from Predator!

    Oh sorry, I think I'm in the wrong thread...

      Ahhh Dylan, you've been pushing too many pencils!!!

    Piledriver? I think it's time to go back to numbers.

    Octo-cores are a thing right now?

    I'm still rolling with my old ass tri-core AMD (it seemed like a good idea at the time..)

    Remember that skit on D-Gen about the shaving razor with 40-something blades...

      Or, remember this,11056/

      Hahah I'm reminded of that skit QUITE often. The breakdown of what every blade did was amazing! :P

      A few days ago, there was an ad' on TV for a razor that does, in fact, have 5 blades.. I sh*t you not! hahaha.

    this would be awesome for rendering


    now all I can think of is Arnold saying "You SON uvvah BITCH!" :-P

      What's the matter? CIA got you pushing too many PAAHNCILS?

        lol! totally forgot about the "PAAHNCILS" line! I think this calls for an emergency weekend viewing of Predator... and maybe Commando...

    *puts on nerd hat* Crysis didn't scale well after dual core seeing no real gains with quad core etc so ten core won't be making a material difference :p

    Whatever Intel releases will be better, just going on recent history and not fanboyism.


    Didn't Intel already release multi-threaded deca-core CPU's? They were Xeon branded and disturbingly expensive, and were in LGA 1567 but, still, would be nice to see some affordable CPU's with more than six cores :P

    Trololololololol Bulldozer. What a POS

    Can I just ask, why the hell is that a catch? Who would buy a ten core CPU and then use integrated graphics?

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