Yoshimitsu And Poison Add Class To Street Fighter X Tekken

Look, you can be as mad at Capcom as you want over Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation or the repackaged Marvel Vs Capcom 3 update. They're putting Poison in Street Fighter X Tekken. I forgive them.

Pink hair, wide hips and cutoffs; that describes my perfect woman. The riding crop is pure bonus. Poison made her debut in Final Fight, showed up again in Street Fighter III, and has been missing from my life ever since. Her appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken is a dream come true, and the addition of Yoshimitsu on the Tekken side of things only makes it that much better.

As for Dhalsim and Steve, meh.


    in b4 a million comments abouts Posions package.

    Just a head's up there, buddy: Poison's a dude.

    Dude looks like a lady....


      Thank you, as a member of the master phenotype, for taking the burden of responsibility of informing the internets of Poison's clearly inferior phenotype and thus the superiority of your own. Your casual transphobia will be rewarded!

    Has Poison ever been a playable character? Would be cool if Hugo could somehow be part of her intro animation.

    Yeah, seriously Mike, watch what you say, "Perfect woman" isn't exactly scientifically correct.

    Not hatin', I loves me some futa, but I figure a writer for a major news site might cop some flak from management for admitting he likes his women with a not-so-little somethin' extra. :3

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