You Can Make Octodad 2 A Bizarre Reality

The video game about the difficulties of secretly being an octopus while wearing a business suit, Octodad, is getting a sequel. But it won't happen without the help of people hungry for third-person tentacle stealth action willing to spare some change.

The team behind Octodad, a student project featured in the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase, want to make Octodad 2. So they've done what enterprising developers with internet access often do: they've formed a Kickstarter fundraising project, hoping that the community will help finance the follow-up and, in turn, handsomely reward that community.

The sum they seek for Octodad 2 is paltry, just $US20,000. Donating to the cause can score you some sweet loot, including a copy of the game for PC or Mac upon release, Octodad t-shirts, your likeness featured as a non-player character and even a custom Octodad suit for you to wear in real life.

Learn more at Kickstarter, then see if you have a few bones to help a game get made.

Octodad 2 by Octodad [Kickstarter]


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