You Can Play Through Deus Ex: Human Revolution Without Combat, But Why?

You Can Play Through Deus Ex: Human Revolution Without Combat, But Why?

In the latest behind-the-scenes video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution the development team demonstrates the most explosive of the game’s four pillars: Combat.

You can avoid killing everything but bosses in the next Deus Ex game, focusing instead of the other three pillars of the game: Hacking, stealth, and social. I say bah! Where’s the glory in not being seen? What am I, a ninja?

Of course I am a ninja, that’s why I run in guns blazing every time. Cybernetically enhanced gun jutsu!


  • Asking why you would go stealth in a Deus Ex game seems a bit silly.
    Because you can. Because it’s Deus Ex.

  • I always felt that the non-lethal approach in the original was a bit pointless. It still gets you the same results as lethal, with extra difficulties – shooting a guy with a tranq dart wouldnt be an instant takedown. So then alarms go off and everyones after you and then you have to kill everyone anyway.

    hopefully thats changed a bit here.

    • Have you ever played the original Deus Ex? The reason you’d go non-lethal is that you’d find yourself questioning your orders to go on killing sprees and not want the blood on your hands!

      That’s what made the original so awesome, and that’s where the gameplay style came from. Of course it’s going to be more fun going in and blowing stuff up… but the only thing more awesome than that is having a moral dilemma so strong that you refuse to do it!

      • Yes, this is exactly why the non-lethal options were good!

        It’s a refreshing difference to games that see you wade through 1000 minions with no moral qualms then present the choice to kill a boss as the greatest dilemma ever.

        Giving players the choice to knock enemies unconscious is a great gameplay addition to moral choices.

    • Better yet, don’t use tranqs either. Leave everyone alive and concious. It adds significant challenge to the game. (Howard Strong is the only one that must be knocked out/killed, thanks to a few workarounds)

  • It’s all about choice. I must have played the original level of Deus Ex about 15 times and finished the game at least 4. Each time trying different combinations of Augs, weapons and most importantly paths through the levels.

    I can’t wait to do the same with this new edition.

  • My general strategy for gameplay in most FPS’s/Action RPG’s (what a crap name that is?), is to run towards any enemy with whatever the most powerful short range weapon is (ie, shotgun) and shoot them in the head. See an enemy, run straight towards them, fucking bang in the head. Works great on Super Mutants in Fallout 3, you can usually get right up in their face before they can fire a shot off/swing at you, open up VATS, you’ll get about 95% hit chance on their head at that range, fire off 2 or 3 shots in VATS they’ll be dead. I apply the same strategy to Deus Ex with excellent results. You’ll usually be able to kill most enemies before they react by shooting at you or setting off any alarms. How’s that for stealth?

  • why go non lethal? because apprently non lethal takedowns grant more XP than lethal takedowns. Seriously, in that “demo” that was leaked, people have found that you can come out with 5 more augs by hacking everything and only doing non lethal takedowns on all enemies.

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