You Could Own This Copy Of Tetris For Only $US1 Million

Did you know that the Sega Genesis (nee Mega Drive) version of Alexey Pajitnov’s Tetris is exceedingly rare? That there are reportedly only about 10 copies of this cartridge in the wild? Then you’re probably not in the market for a million dollar copy of Tetris.

What could possibly command such an outlandish price? This particular copy of Tetris for Sega’s 16-bit console was signed by Pajitnov himself, according to the owner of this “rare, exclusive, elusive, obscure and desirable centerpiece”. He, by the way, paid &euros;11,000 ($14,600) for the cartridge back in 2008.

Now, cartridge collectors needn’t really fork over a million bucks to get their hands on this thing – that’s the “Buy It Now” price – but the eBay seller says he’s rebuffed two offers of £12,000 (about $18,000).

TETRIS sega mega drive genesis megadrive md signed [eBay via GameSetWatch]


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