You Have To Check Out This 360 Degree View Of The Shuttle Discovery

Alright, so I'm not even going to try and justify why I'm mentioning this on a video game site (some games are set in space, right guys...) but you have to check this out: a full 360 degree view inside the cockpit of the Discovery during its decommissioning.

The thing that blows my mind about it is how 80s the whole thing looks - it looks like how I imagined the future would be when I was seven years old.


[360VR via PC & Tech Authority]


    So the 80's was still in the future when you were 7? That makes you how old....?

      Nah I meant that in the 80s this is how I imagined the future looking!

      I was born in 1981.

    That's a lotta doohickeys, watchamacallits and thingamajigs.

      And not a single cup holder in sight.

    Doesn't matter dude if it's game related or not, although that free NASA game comes to mind, this is awesome!

    Do you think the guy on the right gets cushion envy?

      There's a couple of spare cushions tucked away towards the back of the cockpit. :)

    So many switches and buttons! That's unbelievable.

    You're totally right, this looks exactly like what 80s sci-fi thought future spaceships would look like.

    It's remarkable that 30-year old technology not only still works today but managed to work 30 years ago, to get people into space. Amazing.

    Damn, those are some comfortable looking seats.
    Need to get some for the lounge room!

    Claustrophobic any?

    And those chairs aren't nearly as comfortable-looking as this:

    Just looking at that makes me anxious for when I have to do the 4th Year Aerospace Engineering courses. What have I got myself into?

    Ive held off on jumping on the old 'Kotaku AU' is getting shit bandwagon, but this post made me feel like it was last Friday all over again..

    Perhaps should have included in the sources? via via 360VR via PC & Tech Authority.

    Fridays post even had a higher resolution pic..

      There's a Kotaku AU is becoming shit bandwagon?

      [Sorry - I missed that story. I don't approve every single story, particularly the one's in the early morning.]

        I've noticed an increase of posts with people complaining about the quality of said posts..

        This one came to mind, and there have been others..

        As Sam pointed out below, it seems to more the US articles and not stories written by the AU editors.

        Maybe 'becoming shit' was a bit harsh. For that I apologise.

        I, and I'm sure many others, check daily. I would have thought that anyone writing for the site would at least know whats been posted even if they don't have to approve it first, but I'll let you off this time Serrels :)

          Hahahaha! Yeah. Slipped through the cracks. Thanks for your understanding ol' bean.

      Mr. Serrels articles are the main reason I frequent Kotaku :S It's the US articles that never cease to make me groan a majority of the time.

      because scrolling past this article was obviously too hard for some...?

      Maybe Mark should take someone else's work, "mirror" it, then release it like he's done something that take any effort whatsoever.

      Oh, wait. has that covered....

        The Mirrored Maps may be the work of Valve, but I've never claimed otherwise. I think you might also find that they took a little more effort than none whatsoever as well..

        Many models needed to be mirrored and recompiled.
        Nearly every model in the map needed to be corrected.
        Every light in the maps need to be corrected.
        Environment lighting and shadows needed to be corrected.
        The maps needed to be recompiled and the mirrored models packed into the BSP.

        In any case, the European TF2 League seemed to appreciate them, using them in a one day cup only last week - got a kick out of them as well with Series 1 getting over 90,000 views when Series 1 was first released.

        Oh, and Robin Walker seemed to appreciate them as well when I had an email discussion with him regarding them earlier in the year.

        Anyone who plays TF2 regularly should check them out, they still mess with even my head when I play them.

        Anyways, thanks for linking to my site, I got a bit of traffic and a few downloads from it.

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