Your Official Valve Action Figures (and Replica Portal Guns) Are Coming In 2012

Toy company NECA revealed at Comic-Con today that its range of merchandise based on the intellectual properties of Valve will start shipping in 2012. Oh, and they also let us know what they'll be!

While there are sadly no pictures yet of the figures or merch, here's what you'll need to be saving your money for next year:


Gordon Freeman action figure


Atlas & P-Body action figures, replica Portal gun, "resin and plush" weighted companion cube


Pyro, Heavy & Demo action figures


Boomer & Smoker action figures

So, mostly good news then! Bit of a shame about the L4D ones, though. I'd have liked to see the humans, Bill especially, up first.


    I bet that portal gun replica will cost an arm and a leg.

    Freeman and the Portal gun will be mine!!!

    I've always wanted a Gordon Freeman, the one franchise I'd actually buy an action figure for. Can't wait!!

    Damn it! Still no portal turret :( :( :(

    I need a housing for my arduo board :(

    Awesome! Freeman will be a day 1 purchase, and maybe the Heavy too! It would be fantastic to get a whole set of the 9 TF2 classes.

    That reminds me. Gotta get my plush companion cube from ThinkGeek next payday.

    Do the TF2 chars come with interchangable hats?

      and weapon sets, and important question is it micro transactions for these extras?

    I predict Lots, and LOTS, of portal 2 cosplay in 2012.

    Take my money!!!

    No Sniper? No Spy?

    If you look at the cereal boxes in l4d, you see -"TF2 Action figure Inside!". Since these are coming 2012, will there be an apocalypse next year?

    Pyro action figure!!!! Can't wait!

    thats some missleading text (Vavle action figures) i thought i could get a gabe newell and a robin walker and make then fight to the death

    Looks like the Portal 2 guns have just been announced to the Australian market and exclusive to Gametraders...

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