Zombies Welcome Their New EA Masters, Do Not Wish To Eat Their Brains At All

Zombies Welcome Their New EA Masters, Do Not Wish To Eat Their Brains At All

The undead people behind one of PopCap’s most popular games, Plants Vs Zombies, welcome EA’s acquisition of their parent company with open arms, open mouths, and jagged, ichor-dripping teeth.


  • I hope EA forces PopCap to put their games on the Android Market instead of keeping them exclusive to the Amazon App Store (and thus exclusive to America)

    • I do not mean to be rude, but you can get a lot of PopCap games on Steam.

      Then again, I am assuming that the PC version is an option thus my apologies in advance if it is otherwise.

      • I have PvZ through Steam but I would love to have it on my Android phone yet PopCap have released the game exclusively on the Amazon App Store for Android phones and the Amazon App store is exclusive to America.

    • Bejewled 3 has been exclusive to the PC since last December, which is the most un-EA thing I’ve heard in a while. It won’t take long til all of their games are widely available (FOR PURCHASE, WITH DLC).

  • Bets on how long before EA guts the company? Popcap is pretty small, so I’m guessing about a year. Bioware is much bigger, and they took about four.

  • Um actually check the android market place because I’ve been playing pvz for 2 weeks on my droid. Peggle won’t be too far off.

  • I forsee the future:
    Jacked up prices
    Endless expansions
    Multiple DLCs
    Intrusive DRM

    Suddenly its not a “casual” game anymore

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