13 Minutes Of Metro: Last Light

Above you will see a full 13-minute gameplay demo of Metro: Last Light. Absorb. Comment.


    Do want, but then again also do want a PC that can run the first one decently well :/

      if you have $600 you can play it easily

    I still haven't finished 2033... I have a huge pile o' shame :( ... Across all platforms...

    i just got Metro 2033 as part of the THQ pack for the steam summer sale. Never heard of the game before and I waited a bit to play it (I actually played the completely forgettable Homefront first).

    Wow, what can I say - it is a really good first person shooter. It suffers from a lot of tropes common to the FPS genre, but still manages to be superior regardless (the lack of "chest high wall syndrome" really helps).

    I'm tenatively looking forward to the sequel now...

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