20 Different Faces For Each Of Skyrim's Races

Not only are the faces in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the most gorgeous the series has ever seen, they're also the most customisable. Check out 20 variations of each of the game's 10 races and see for yourself.

Since the dawn of The Elder Scrolls, creating a character has been an exercise in crafting a hero that's not quite as ugly as every other character in the game, generally a losing proposition. Not so with Skyrim, where the faces are as pretty or purposefully hideous as you want them to be. I've a feeling I'll be spending quite a lot of time in the character builder once Skyrim hits later this year.

Scroll down to get some ideas for your own Dragonborn hero.


    It's sad just how happy this makes me. Oh well, hopefully Deus Ex will keep me entertained long enough until i can make an Orc.


      Ditto man, seeing this at VG247/Kotaku has made me go utterly spaz with excitement.

      All things Skyrim have just gone from strength to strength, There's not been a single disappointing thing about the game for me, this character customization looks to be the best ever!
      Not only for the ES series but for any game, each one of those faces up there look like they have character. That's what is usually lacking in char creators, a sense of personality or character they usually look like blank husks.

        not just that but also i hated in oblivion how the camera zoomed in to the persons face and the shadows were all fucked, as well as the ugly faces, its like why did they want to call attention to a major flaw in the game lol.. ah well skyrim is gonna bust a nut over oblivions face so to speak. cant wait

    The bottom half of the Argonian picture...
    Clever Girl...

    I like these. xD

      they do look a bit velociraptor don't they?

    Everyone looks so bad ass.
    even the female kitties look bad ass.

    Beards! Not dumbledore-length beards, but beards nonetheless!

    With this and Dark Souls I may never need to buy another videogame again.

    At least until the next 'Souls' and Elder Scrolls games come out

    did anyone else spend ages making their guy in oblivion and then got out of the first dungeon and realised what a moron your hero looked like, and re-started?

    I did.

    About 5 times...

      5? pshh, man I must have done that 20 times :-P

      I now have a save game just before you exit the sewers called "NEWGAME TEMPLATE" so anytime I wanna make a new character I just load that up and when I go to exit it asks if I wanna change any of the appearance/skills/class stuff. Viola :)

      cut down on the frustration big time

    All the Altmer guys look so full of themselves. Granted, that would make sense.

    Im going to make a save just before I leave like I did with fallout and oblivion, just in case, but I dont think ill be needing it.

    Holy shit the EYES! The eyes of each race look so fanatically varied and stunning!

    WTF is wrong with the female chins?

    ROFL yes Sam, I made my Khajiit and then once I left the dungeon it had a massive mouth with lipstick... then I had to change.. But Id Always save just before the sewer entrance door so I could re-edit them till they were right.. lol.. The shades of light sometimes were a little too much.. Especially when I try to make redguard's white, they look albino lol

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