2011's Most Eagerly Awaited Mecha Game Is Now 2012's

Armored Core V, the latest mecha title from Demon's Souls studio From Software, looks fantastic. Fans can't wait to play it, but they're going to have to. The game's release date is no longer October 20.

Instead, Armored Core V is slated for release on January 1, 2012 in Japan. The reason for the delay is that Form Software hoped to incorporate things it learned from the beta into the final version.

The game's PlayStation 3 beta, which was knocked back because of the PSN hack, concluded in July.

A bug, however, was discovered in the Xbox 360 beta test, something From Software is investigating.

ACV is more tactical than previous AC games, and features a new spin on online mecha play. Besides Armored Core V, From Software is working on the eagerly awaited Dark Souls, a spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls.

Have a gander at Armored Core V's eye popping mechas and cutscenes in this clip.


    This is not 2011's most eagerly awaited Mecha game. Hawken is.

    Between this and MGS3D, that's two of my three most anticipated games of 2011 gone to 2012. If they screw with Dark Souls, I'll cry man tears. Of pain.

    I dunno, I think Hawken's my most eagerly awaited mech game!

    For an 'eagerly anticipated' game, i can't say I've ever heard of it xD

    Sorry, no PC version means no sale. Still waiting for a mech game to take full advantage of what PC has on offer both tech-wise and peripheral-wise.

    Oh, that's not the game I was thinking of.

    Does anyone remember that other mech game that's being done by a small indie group?

      That would be Hawken lol

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