2012 Will Get A New Super Street Fighter IV Version

2012 Will Get A New Super Street Fighter IV Version

Street Fighter IV was released in 2010. This year, in 2011, Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition was release. What about next year?

2012 is getting Super Street Fighter IV. At the EVO fighting game championship, Capcom revealed that it was working on Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012.

Details about this updated version are forthcoming. Though, last December, Capcom’s Seth Killian said that Arcade Edition will be the last version of Street Fighter IV. Guess it will get a 2012 version.

Super Street Fighter IV [Official Site]


  • This is just getting stupid…

    I think I’ll wait for the 2020 edition, you know just before they release Street Fighter 5

  • You know Capcom, rereleasing the same game, within a yearly difference, is a rather insulting way of screwing over your fans, when you can perform the same function with a simple Patch update.

    They’re doing the same thing with Marvel versus Capcom, except now they’re trying to do so within the same year.

  • I don’t know why capcom are milking this and MvsC, can’t they come up with something new? Or is the market that big for the same itteration each year? It’s getting bad as CoD or GH/RB

  • no, No, and NO!!!
    Not happy Capcom -it’s just rediculous at this point.
    Not happy.
    I only got AE a month ago or so and there is no way on earth I’m buying the same damn game for a 4th time.
    Get real!!!!!
    Same for the MVC3 update -I’m not getting it out of protest.

      • Wrong.

        I didn’t buy the first one, knowing they might release an upgraded version 6-12 months later.

        The first one I bought was Super SF4.

        I recently traded that in and got SSF4 ArcadeEdn.

        I WON’T be getting another version.

  • This is confusing. Ono said earlier that AE will be getting a free balance patch “before the end of the year.” So either one piece of information is wrong, or… They’re planning a balance patch AND an update?

    I was fine with AE but now it REALLY IS starting to get out of hand.

  • This may not be a “version” in the sense everyone thinks. It’s possibly a revision of the game in the same way that there were 4 Revisions of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. (Yeah I’m not talking about champion edition or turbo either.)

    Possibly for the sake of tournament dynamics only. I really don’t want them to push it since I waited 15 years for this revival of Street Fighter love.

  • Ono confirmed on twitter that Ver.2012 is the balance patch, it’s not a brand new version. But it’s always hard to tell with that guy so who knows…

  • We don’t complain when EA Sports offer yearly titles with incremental updates. How is this any different.

    Throw in Rolento and all is forgiven, Capcom.

  • All other reports say that it will be a “free-balance-update”

    It’s a hugely successful series brought to the forefront by many round the world massive tournaments eg. EVO.

    Everyone feels that a few characters in the game dominate and imbalance the game. Capcom does not want to leave its last SF in this state.

  • well, its not unheard of for this to be done. just look at Virtua Fighter over in Japan, there are so many versions of the most recent game in the franchise.

    • To be fair.. some of those are the same game with their Japanese/American name differences

      Super Street Fighter II X = Super Street Fighter II Turbo

      and Street Fighter II’ Turbo = Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting

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