360 Cases Now A Matte Finish, Going Forward, Microsoft Clarifies

Earlier it was reported that a matte finish was coming to the Xbox 360 250GB hard drive configuration, and that is indeed true, but some construed that to mean the glossy case still would be in production. It ain't.

Matte 250GB slims will arrive on shelves in the coming weeks, writes the Xbox community manager Major Nelson. Glossy ones are effectively over, except for special designs like Gears of War 3 or the Star Wars Kinect Xboxes.

Wii, however, will still distribute in a dust-catching finish.

The Official Word on the Glossy Xbox 360 [Major Nelson]


    I have to say... the matte look actually looks nicer than the gloss :\

      I'd have to agree with ya there. And less prone to fingerprints.

    Damn glossy finishes. Take a good look at your new glossy product after peeling the plastic off it. Take a picture if you're keen! Make the most of it because that first few minutes with you're new glossy product is the last time you will ever see it glossy instead of a fingerprint, dust collecting mess.

    Matte FTW!

      This. One of the dumbest uses of a gloss finish I've ever seen is on my Samsung TV remote. That's right, a f***ing remote. Within a few days the surface was gungey as hell, and because the buttons stick out it's virtually impossible to clean. Insanity.

    Not only dust and finger prints, but the gloss finish seems to scratch a lot easier too.

    Yep - that does look rather nice

    why even bring it out in gloss in the first place, should have copied Sony straight away with the matte finish for the ps3 slim

      But the ps3 slim matte finish doesn't look that great? This however looks a lot better.

    I can't wait to pick up my Gears of War 3 console.... just sayin....

    I'm sorry, but fingerprints? Really? On a console? Are we still bringing up this joke of a complaint? It's not a handheld, guys. It's a console that sits on your TV unit that you NEVER need to touch. Not even to turn it on or open the disc tray. Jesus Christ, set it up, wipe it down, and then never touch it again.

    If you need to handle it to take it some place, just grab it with a cloth... with one hand. It's not that hard.

      You NEVER need to touch? Not even to turn it on or open the disc tray? What is this, I don't even...*brain-splosion*

        Indeed. Holding the guide button on the controller for one one second powers on the console, and you can open and close the disc tray from the dashboard. =]

          So how do you recommend I plug my USB hard-drives into it then?? I would need to do this 9-10 times a week I would guess given that my Xbox is my media centre.

          Touching a console is something that happens. I don't open the disc tray from the dashboard then get up and change the disc. I get up, hit the eject button, get the new game case, take the disc out, put new disc in, put old disc in drawer, hit button.

            Stream via your computer and use Windows Media Centre or if you don't have a PC with WMC then use a program like TVersity to stream content to your xbox.

            As for how you eject your discs, that's your choice but if one wanted to avoid touching their xbox then using the controller to eject/close the tray is the same amount of work at most.

      Obviously you don't have children

    Who cares what the console looks like, so long as it works?

    Still waiting on a sub-$250 non-gimped version...

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