50 Games In 50 Hours? IMPOSSIBLE!

The Speed Demos Archive (SDA) is a cool site, and one I used to frequent quite regularly. It's a resource for folks that want to watch incredible record breaking speed runs of video games. Now they're trying to raise money for charity by play 50 games in 50 hours!

Last time the SDA put together an event like this they $52,000 for the Prevent Cancer foundation. This time the charity is the Organization for Autism Research.

You can head to the site for more details, but they're starting off this Thursday and playing for two and a half days straight - you can bid on what games you want them to play, and tune into live commentary of the whole event.

It's a great event and a great cause - good luck guys!

Summer Games Done Quick [SDA]


    They can start with Homefront.

      Also unless I missed something, they've already picked the 50 games.

        Yeah, the games have all been listed on the schedule but you can see that there are a few with things like this:

        "Donations determine whether Toejam or Earl is played."

    I want to see Saturn finish Super Metroid in under half an hour. Do that.

    Autism Research...

    Just go back to cancer fundraising. Most Autistic people (me) turn out fine, you don't need to be diagnosed and have special treatment at school etc etc. Just because you don't watch football and are smart and not social, doesn't mean you're a freak who needs to be fixed...

    Good idea, bad choice of cause.

      I think it's a good cause - Autism is so broad and, as I'm sure you know, there are million different types that aren't as manageable.

      My wife worked with Autistic kids for a long time, and the thing that surprised me was just how broad a definition it is, and how differently it affects everyone.

      Maybe they should raise money for me instead?

      You are lucky to be high functioning.

      Others are not as fortunate - this event is to benefit them.

    This will be awesome.

    That is all.

    Its a great idea, but I'm left disappointed at the selection. I would have liked to have seen a newer list of titles, additionally multiple games being played simultaneously. Hear me out.

    5 people, 50 hours, 50 games, but with newer titles in the list. For example, a Left 4 Dead marathon (both games, all chapters), Halo Legendary marathon (all games, co-op), Call of Duty Veteran marathon or Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Ed (all characters on medium)... for when the other 4 are in a game together.

    This way there aren't many 10-15 minute titles thrown in to make up the list, and you'd need people with real skill in all titles to make it through as quick as possible, and juggle the value of a co-op title (multiple people, one game finished), and roster sleeping times between the team.

    Get a big gong or drum to beat when someone finishes a game and crosses it off the list and stream it Live. That would be an epic event.

    I like how they say it'll take "Just over 50 hours" to do...

    And then the total time they've approximated is 59 hours. And 55 minutes.

    ...I think they're reeeeeaaaaally stretching the relativity of the word "just".

      They add extra time for setup. So, the games themselves may take 50 hours, but the setup time adds up when changing games and systems, as well as changing the stream, etc.

    The winter marathon (AGDQ) had a 4 player ocarina of time race, pianotoads race (battletoads with the music live on piano as well)

    Its hard to balance the games list, while not repeating things already done, and not giving away things yet to come. The blocks of times are ok, but thats x amount of hours for only that game series, which leaves anyone who isnt a fan out in the cold for so long.

    The Left4Dead 2 run should be interesting, its the PC version, so only one runner will be physically there, the other three elsewhere. I'm one of them, and since I'm an aussie, and they're over in america, the ping makes it very fun.

    Considering this is the third marathon this year, the game selection is quite fine.

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