99-Year-Old Woman Plays Nintendo For Hours Every Day

99-year-old Umeji Narisawat is a great-grandmother and potentially the greatest Bomberman player alive.

Narisawa started playing Bomberman almost 26 years ago when she saw her grandchildren playing it on the Famicon. She saw how much they loved it and decided to give it a shot and hasn't put it down since. Narisawa plays for hours daily and can beat the game multiple times in a day, but just like any average gamer, she blows the cartridge before getting started.

Narisawa says that Bomberman keeps her strong in mind and body. At an age where arthritis has claimed most of the body's joints her fingers are still able to thread a needle with ease.

99-Year-Old Woman Plays Nintendo Every Day [JapanProbe via GamePro]


    Wasn't there an article here about this only a month or so ago?

      Two weeks ago exactly:

      Plus this article is shorter and basically just copies the source.

      Is AU required to syndicate absolutely everything?

    I swear I read this last week.

    Doesn't matter that is still awesome. Go old lady go!!!

    Best multplayer ever. One of my SNES pads was a dodgy 3rd party one though, and whoever got that invariably lost.
    Good memories.

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