A Deep Look At Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival Mode

We've written quite a bit about Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops survival mode. Think of it as a sort of horde mode but with the ability to call in riot-shield wielding soldiers and attack dogs.

Here's the official look at the game.


    Is it just me or does the voice over / narrator sound a bit like Ryan Reynolds?

      I think it's just you. Doesn't sound even remotely like Ryan Reynolds :S

      Sounds more like Dennis Quaid to me.

    this looks almost exactly like gears of war 3 horde 2.0

    The interest in cod has fizzled to almost none exhistence. I love shooters, and while battlefield 3 is keeping me awake in anticipation, if your a fan of shooters this still looks worth picking up. It still looks pretty good on consoles so prolly the ps3 version for me. Battlefield still looks better...

    AWESOME!! A new mw2 map pack.

    owait, this is a NEW game?


    why do the guns all sound the same. Its just one big stream of BRRRRRRRRRR, and that's it.

    can't wait till this decimates bf3 in the charts, then after 2 weeks bf3 fanboys will leave the game and jump on the bandwagon for bf4.


    I can't wait til BF3 just ruins CoD for good

    Slapping the same coat of paint for the last 4 games will be it's undoing

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