A Fantasy RPG Sails Into Pirate-Infested Waters With Risen 2

Deep Silver has a game forthcoming that features islands, water and people in pirate costumes, and it ain't Dead Island. No, it is Risen 2: Dark Waters, the sequel to a game that was a fantasy RPG.

What Deep Silver is doing is listening to its customers. One of the most popular side quests in Risen had players helping the daughter of a pirate named Steelbeard, whose name you hbear in that trailer. So in developing the sequel, the Risen 2 decided to flesh out this continuity a little more, which is why it is now a pirate RPG set in the southern seas.

According to a news release, players will be able to "launch parrots at people/creatures to annoy the fuck out of them". There will also be companion NPCs. Everything else, Deep Silver ain't saying, so enjoy that trailer, it's made from actual gameplay.


    Awesome. I didn't mind the first one, had its flaws but was still a decent game. Will definately be picking this one up

    Only PC I'm guessing?

    Wonder if Australia will be allowed to play this

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