A Giant Gundam Hand Fit For Your Ass?

From August 13 to August 21 (my birthday!), the life-sized Gundam statue will be on display in Tokyo's Odaiba. But it won't be looming tall. It will be in pieces, strewn on the ground.

The original statue was first erected in Odaiba in July 2009, and then it was erected in Shizuoka where it stood until being damaged in the earthquake.

Dubbed the "Odaiba Gundam Project 2011), the idea is, according to Anime News Network, to allow visitors a chance to see the 1:1 scale, 18m Gundam up close.

Not only can you observe the huge Gundam, you can touch the mecha's right hand AND YOU CAN SIT IN IT! There's even a little brown cushion.

It costs ¥500 ($6.20) to view the Gundam bits, but preschool kids are free. Some of the proceeds go to victims of the March 11 earthquake. Only five hundred yen to sit in giant Gundam's hand! Only those under 90kg can sit in the Gundam's hand, because while the giant mecha can do battle with other giant mechas in space, it cannot do battle with heavier Gundam fans.

ガンダム、お台場に立……ってない? "お台場ガンダムプロジェクト2011"リポート [ファミ通.com]



    My donkey doesn't need a Gundam hand, but it's nice that he's thought of.

    You know, I reckon if the world put a fraction of its combined military budget towards the necessary R&D, we could get that Gundam working.

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