A Historical Brothers In Arms Game Is In The Works, But Furious 4 Is Next

The next Brothers in Arms will be the E3-announced over-the-top, gleeful Nazi-killing Furious 4, but fans of the series' earlier historically authentic games need not fret. "We're going to do more of that," Gearbox chief Randy PItchford said at PAX today. More of Sgt. Baker's exploits are in the works, but he had nothing to announce.


    Let's hope that BIA 4 fails and they realise that the fans want more of Baker.

    Shut up, Randy Pitchford. The only thing I want to hear about from you is Aliens: Colonial Marines. If you've got nothing to say about it then shut your mouth and keep working on it until you've got something more to say about it. I want that game, and I want it now. Every second you spend talking about other games is a second you're not spending on A:CM.

      Braaains? More like Raaaaage. :P

        Just saying what everybody is (or at least should be) thinking :P

    Brothers in Arms were the best WW2 shooters in my opinion. Great gameplay and serious narrative. Furious 4 is an insult to the series.

      Totally agree. The game itself, looks like fun, but it should not be a part of the BIA series

    In other words;

    "We can't risk the chance of a new IP - so we're borrowing the Brothers in Arms title to release our next game."

    Well Gearbox, you're hurting the franchise more than you think!

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