A Pokemon State Of Mind

I don't even know where to start. I think this may be the greatest thing anyone has ever sent to the Kotaku tips email address -- ever. As part of the Science Revue at Sydney University a group of students put together a PokeRap video titled 'Pokemon State Of Mind' and it's utterly amazing. Warning -- this video may or may not feature the lyrics "Oak gave me a pokedex/ Started with five pokeballs/ Gary said I couldn't do it/ Guess what bitch? I caught 'em all"

Thanks to Jaypee for sending it in!


    This is 151 kinds of win.

    lol @ brock

      love the dedication! he is squinting the whole time lol

      Eyes closed the whole time. I laughed.

    Wow Charmander doin 'Smack that ass'. That is win x 10^999999

    That was amazing! Though I usually like any sort of parody involving Pokemon. xD

    So this is part of a show or something? If I'd have known about it earlier I would have went! Looks like the last day was Saturday though, oh well.

      There will be a dvd available featuring star wars the musical and curse you (forget you sung by voldemort) to name just a few of the amazing things.

        You know that's the watered down kiddy version right? The real chorus is "FUCK yooooooou!".
        (No joke!)

    Damn I had hoped that they'd rhyme over the Illmatic track, but I guess that would've been too street.

      I had secretly hoped that as well.




    very good. Loved the first pokemon games, the best ever really.

    Brock making a move on Misty around the 3 minute mark - Oh the tears.

    This is the star wars version of this song...

    Dancing Pikachu is the best thing.

      i would wear a t-shirt with my telephone number written on it in black marker and stand in front of that dancing pikachu for literally twelve hours.

    Dissapointed... that was nowhere near as awesome as you made it out to be.

      Actually IT WAS WAY BETTER!

    hahaha that is so dam awesome!!!

    That is going to be stuck in my head all day now lol

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

      it's the pikachu

    This was awesome and I love it.
    But I can't shake the feeling that I know the Ash.

    haha i saw the fountain and thought 'i remember seeing that somewhere...' then i realised that they were from u-syd. soo cool, i have to go there now!

    My only qualm with this is Misty and Jessie's hair. You can get high quality wigs on eBay for cheap so it really annoyed me.
    Other then that, super awesome!

    I usually cringe at this sort of thing but this one is actually very well done. *applause*

    pikachu is cute xD

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