Special Preview Of The New SUPER iam8bit Art Show

This Thursday, the iam8bit video game art show returns to Los Angeles, California, more super-powered than before. More than 100 artists will debut video game-inspired artwork at SUPER iam8bit, a small taste of which Kotaku can show you a few days early.

The artistic celebration of video game culture and history, reinterpreting Mario, Metroid, Mega Man and more, begins this Thursday, August 11 at the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles. Participating artists include Jose Emroca Flores, Jude Buffum, Scott C, Carlos Ramos, Scott Belcastro, Mike Mitchell, Sky Burchard, Paul Robertson, and many, many more from around the world.

SUPER iam8bit also promises a "special tribute to Galaga's 30th anniversary", featuring the world's largest "arcade cabinet", plus "an interactive, retro Kinect hack" from a Double Fine artist. The show runs until September 10, but if you can't make it out by then, Kotaku will bring you a comprehensive look at the show later this week.

You can find SUPER iam8bit at 2147 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. See you there? If not, preview the show's artwork below.


    LOVING the Ice Climber piece, very ambient.

    That is the most manly Zelda I have ever seen.

    The last one is really funny. I think the art style is great and it puts mario into the alice in wonderland perspective which actually makes more sense..... if that makes any sense.

    Damn, that Samus is quite a clever re-imagining. And Jim Mahfood's graffiti style is awesome as usual in that Super Mario Bros mural.

    I love the 'Metroid by way of Barbarella'

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