A Tale Of Two Games Of Battlefield 3

I've got to play Battlefield 3 twice this week at Gamescom. Once on PS3 and once on PC. One was OK and one was amazing. We'll start with the OK one first.

That version was the PS3's. Making its playable debut at the show, the PS3 edition was there to show off the game's co-op mode, which takes the form of a disjointed series of missions built loosely around the timing and events of the singleplayer campaign.

Aside from a recent Bad Company "experiment" (DICE's words, not mine), it's the first time the developers have taken a co-op mode seriously in its games, and...it shows.

There's nothing wrong with it, of course. But there was nothing particularly interesting about it, either. Battlefield is a series famous for its expansive multiplayer maps. It's now also trying a more involving, heavily scripted singleplayer campaign. The co-op level I played felt like a third wheel.

Beginning with a stealthy section through a building in an Iranian street, in which the two players could occassionally split up and perform simultaneous kills, the action moved out into a street with a series of big firefights using Humvees.

Most stuff you expect from co-op was there. You can revive a downed colleague, and if you both die it's back to a checkpoint. To encourage you to play the mode, even if you don't want to, there are unlockable weapons for multiplayer that only become available after clearing co-op missions.

The level design, beginning with interior corridors and ending with confined city streets, was incredibly linear, and also had its fair share of bugs, while being on PS3 (instead of the PC version we've mostly been seeing for months) did it no favours in terms of performance, with the action slowing down during busier sections, aiming getting slow and sluggish, particularly when using a gun's thermal sights.

My co-op partner for the afternoon was Crecente, who despite adoring what he's seen of the singleplayer campaign on PS3 was equally disappointed with the performance of the PS3 in co-op.

Given the fact this was the first time the mode had been shown off, and it's the first time DICE has really tried something like this (and, let's not forget the fact the game is still in DICE's words in "alpha"), here's hoping things can be tightened up a little by the time the game is out in October.

More on Battlefield 3 - specifically, its 32 v 32 PC multiplayer - to come.


    I would buy this game if it had more dinosaurs...

      then u should be playing Dino D-day instead =D

      You haven't seen the Thunder Run trailer then? The first thing you see if a dinosaur.

      Agreed. That for me would have been the main advantage of the PC version: More DPS (Dino's per second). But it looks like it's been consolised so much that they've taken out all the Dinosaurs. I can understand all the Trexes missing, but taking out the Velociraptors too? Come on DICE, what were you thinking???

    I still dont completely understand this co-op ps3 mode.
    Is it a split screen co-op that they said they werent doing, or an online co-op mode?

      I'm guessing it will be split screen/online Co-Op.

      Believed they said there wouldn't be splitscreen.

      no local co-op, online only has been confirmed

    I was going to get this on the Ps3...now hearing this im going to go for the PC version:/

      You were contemplating getting this for PS3 over PC?? You would of made a bad decision.

      Anyways No mod support and heavily scripted single player have been some downers for me, But again the Caspian boarder game play looks awesome so i will be picking it up on PC

    Well start with the ok one and then end of article?

      I think you missed the point. It's nicely written actually.

    You know what really bugs me about this - the game is 2 months away and still nobody has seen an Xbox version - despite the Xbox version of Bad Company 2 outselling all the other formats.

      Hopefully that's because Dice still care about making a good game rather than a best seller.

    yay i can't wait for this bfbc2 expansion

      Haha >.<
      At least Im not the only one who thinks this is plausable :D

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