Activision Is Getting Sued Over A Music Game. Again.

A few years back, it was all the rage for musicians to sue Activision over appearances in Guitar Hero. Courtney Love was doing it, The Romantics were doing it, No Doubt was doing it, even Axl Rose was in on the action.

Now, Johnny-come-lately Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5, wants a slice, suing Activision over his inclusion in Band Hero. He's upset that while he signed off on the use of his avatar and voice in the game, he didn't know you could take that avatar and have it sing other people's songs. In other people's voices.

Levine is also seemingly unaware that this game was released in 2009.

He's after "fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, violation of the common-law right of publicity and unfair business acts or practices", and will be seeking "unspecified damages".

'Voice' Coach Adam Levine Sues Over 'Band Hero' Videogame [Reuters]

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    This whole things is just... well, urgh...

    Musicians: read and understand what you're signing. Especially when it comes to what people can do with your likeness! It's how you make your money, right?

    Activision: I know it's a bit late for this one, but people don't care about playing as a character in music games! Learn to make the gameplay fun (again) and stop trying to lure people with the promise of being able to play puppet master with pop and rock idols.

    I heard a Maroon 5 song once - can I sue someone for pain and suffering?

      Agreed. I was woken up @ 4 AM as i left my radio on once.

      There song was playing....therefore i am seeking disruption of personal sleep penalty's of an undisclosed amount.

    Who is this guy?
    What is a maroon 5?

    he's suing because his avatar can sings he doesn't normally sing....


    Guess those "She will be loved" royalties stopped coming in...

    "I heard you like terrible music, so I got you this maroon 5 cd"

    I didn't even know there was a maroon 5 song in band hero. I certainly never played it whatever it was!

    So wait. Were the previous cases based on the same principal? And more importantly, who won?

    And if Activision lost for this, termination order be put out on them all for needless stupidity or give them a "does anyone really give two flying turds" award?

    Natural selection, you have failed me...

    Activision must really be desperate to have MAROON 5 in their games >_>

    Don't know who that guy is in the image, but he looks like a wanker with those tattoos.

    WTF? When did Adam Levine get those poncey tatts?!

    Maroon 5? now I understand the death of the Hero franchice.

    Maroon 5 are fantastic, their sound is unique and their lyrics are penned well, why all the M5 flack? Interested; what are the bands you guys are currently listening to?

    I never played Band Hero, but I always thought it was very strange to see Ozzy Osbourne belting out some poppy love song in Guitar Hero World Tour when you did the final song challenges.

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