Alpha Centauri Trademarked, PC Gamers, Remain Calm

Electronic Arts has re-applied for trademarks for the name Alpha Centauri, the classic PC strategy game from Civilization developers Firaxis it published back in the late 90s.


      • Seriously, I just wish the AU brand would break off because we have journalists like Mark who actually write bloody articles that are in-depth and longer than one or two sentences.

        • Hell, I just followed the link and pasted the following from their article, and now I’m a much bwtter journalist than Luke!

          —-BEGIN LUKE’S JOB HERE—-
          Over the past couple of years, Electronic Arts has teased gamers with trademark application filings for some of its more beloved classic franchises, ranging from Syndicate to Road Rash, Populous, Theme Park, and Wing Commander. Now, one more filing can be added to that list, as this month the publisher asserted its claim on the Alpha Centauri name.

          Alpha Centauri doesn’t fall too far from the Civilization tree.

          EA’s most recent filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office came on August 1. Two applications were submitted, both for the Alpha Centauri name. The first lists “entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game” as its primary use. The other explicitly states that the name will be used for “computer game software.”

          The mark is presumably in reference to EA’s classic turn-based strategy franchise Alpha Centauri, which was developed by Firaxis Games before being purchased by Take-Two Interactive. A collaboration between Sid Meier and Brian Reynolds, Alpha Centauri received critical acclaim upon its release for the PC in January 1999. The franchise has lain dormant since Alpha Centauri’s first and only expansion, Alien Crossfire, shipped in October 1999.

          EA has thus far made little use of its trademarked classics. The Darkness developer Starbreeze has been attached to EA’s Syndicate revival, though that project has yet to be formally announced. Reports emerged earlier this week that EA will be releasing a Theme Park title for iOS later this year.
          —-END LUKE’S JOB—-

        • They could even have a very similar name, KotAUku.

          I’m not normally one to go on about article length but the title of the article has 7 words, the article has 27. It also fails to offer an explanation or opinion of WHY PC gamers should remain calm

          How about a new rule: “If it can fit in an SMS, its not an article”?

          • Does this guy get paid?

            Because I’m looking for a job, and am ‘actually’ interested in this industry.

  • In other news, Electronic Arts announce that the Alpha Centauri IP will be remade into a First Person Shooter with multiplayer combat akin to that of the Call of Duty series, just like other games in development like X-Com.

  • The best thing about Alpha Centauri was how you could do espionage missions and blame it on other factions, then start wars between them so you can conquer other countries while still looking like the good guy. I dont know why the other Civ games dont have that system??

  • Hang on, it wasn’t just Alpha Centauri, it was Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri.

    I don’t want home-brand Alpha Centauri! I’ve tried their corn flakes, and they were bloody awful!!!

    • Instead of the University Of Planet, there’ll be a TAFE, instead of the Spartan Federation there’ll be something a bit more like the home guard in Dads Army

  • Despite the general sparseness of this article… I think we can all look forward to the return of the Alpha Centauri franchise (as a console exclusive first person shooter featuring space marines).

    Does anyone seriously think this could be a good thing for this franchise in this day and age?

    • I am not as optimistic as you. This is EA we’re talking about. It’s likely they just want to keep the option open. If they where to make another “Alpha Centauri” it would be a stupid console based first person shooter.

      They are INCAPABLE of doing anything worthwhile with this IP.

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