And Now A Very Bloody Message From Call Of Duty Zombie Labs

At Call of Duty Zombie Labs, the worlds' top scientists are working around the clock to familiarise themselves with the undead inside and out. And inside-out. Ew.

In this exceptionally gory advertisement for Black Ops' Rezurrection DLC, due out on August 23 for the Xbox 360, we're given a sneak peek at what happens when you take the battle against the undead into outer space via the new Moon zombies map.

This is the most gory piece of video game marketing I've come across since Sony decapitated a goat for Kratos. Well done!


    And next we will be seeing Call of Zombie

    I read somewhere that those who have the original maps already get Moon for free. Does that mean we get the theme and soundtrack too?

    This 'moon' zombie map was actually a custom map from cod2, anyone else remember playing it? it was awesome

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