Another Day, Another Hideo Kojima Tease (This Time Z.O.E.)

When not making video games, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima teases gamers. It's not that he makes fun of them (he doesn't...I don't think), but he dangles carrots in front of his fans like no other game designer working today.

And sometimes it's interesting, and sometimes it's annoying. But it's what he does. He's Hideo Kojima.

Kojima tweeted that he found this figure on the a co-workers desk, then added, "What is it?"

So this photo with what looks to be Z.O.E. 3DS in the background should come as no surprise to those who know Kojima's M.O.

Is Hideo Kojima making a 3DS version of Zone of the Enders? Or does that mean something else? Play alone with Hideo if you like, but I'm going to sit this round out.

@Kojima_Hideo [yfrog]


    I have not waited this long for a new ZOE game for it to be for the 3DS. I seriously hope that he has other consoles in mind.

    Argh! Who am I kidding?! I'll take anything at the moment. :(

    I mostly follow him just to be reminded how incredibly boring my lunches are. =(

    No! I don't have a Xperia Play...

    I guess it's waiting until the touchscreen only version.


      I'm more tired than I thought.
      This was meant to be for the minecraft article.

    Haha I actually have the same Jehuty Figure sitting in my figure cabinet.

    I honestly do hope that we get another Z.O.E game in the near future, and as much as I would prefer it to be on a homeconsole, 3DS would be better than nothing IMO.

      take what your given or like the game nazi would say "NO GAME FOR YOU!!"

    "New ZoE!" "OH MY FU-" "For 3DS!" "fml."

    The tiny part of me that is optimistic is trying very hard to ignore the fact that there are no full stops in the reflection of the name and is trying to reassure me that it is just a spelling mistake.

    ZOE 3DS? No thank you... I'm boycotting 3DS until region unlocked.

    Give me ZOE PSV

    I can see that this is real, but people should not expect the normal ZOE game, those letters to the left "AIS:2" say a lot of the game we will see, "AIS" was the game format used on the GBA ZOE game, it was an strategy RPG for the most part and in battles you had a targeting system for dealing critical hits.

    Being a fan of games like front mission or advance wars I really liked this game, but I don't think it will be for the rest that play it for the fast paced combat.

    Screw the haters, I'm getting this as I find the ZOE franchise fascinating and having it portable is just as awesome.

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