Another Glimpse Of Rockstar's Max Payne 3

Things have been very quiet on the Max Payne 3 front, so quiet some people thought it was dead. Don't worry, Rockstar says they're about to unleash an avalanche of news about the upcoming game over the next few months.

To kick things off, they're showing us two new screen shots. Brown suits confirmed!


    You know how X-Com fans feel about the new "X-COM" game?

    That's me x10 about this new "Max Payne" game...

    it could be the freakin' Citizen Kane of shooters but dammit it's not Max Payne without Sam Lake and Remedy behind it.

      Could be worse. They could make Max Payne a turn based strategy game or something.

        Could be worse, they could make a Movie out of it and completely destroy the storyline with retarded producers/directors... Oh wait... too late...

      It's not like max payne was THAT good...
      It can only get better as far as i see things.

        It would seem we played completely different Max Payne games.

          No.. im fair sure there were only 2 of them...

          One was about an angry bullet proof cop who liked to jump down stairs realy slowly, and the other one was about an angry bullet proof cop who liked to jump down stairs realy slowly while dancing.

      If Max Payne also fell to the clutches of First Person Shooter like Batman and Xcom I would forever curse the day FPS was born...

      but luckily it retains its original style so..phew

    Well, at least the screenshots do not have bald fat max payne in them. I hope they utterly removed that abomination from the game.

    I'm also still dubious about the location and in Rockstar's ability in general to tell a story, but this has gone from hazzardous waste, to something I might be interested in learning more about.

    Seriously, those screens they released a couple years ago... what the fark where they thinking?

    Last I read, bald Payne was still in the game. I think there are some lead-in levels that explain a little about how he ended up there.

    Honestly, I have no problem with them mixing up the character a bit. People get old. They put on a little weight. As long as there's a solid narrative that explains the character, why complain?

    Do we really need the status quo returned at the end of each episode? Doesn't that just lead to stagnation?

    As long as they keep the fun third-person shoot-dodging bullet time gameplay and a gritty narrative with hard-boiled, metaphor rich monologues then I’m a happy gamer.

    Max Payne 1 was great. Bullet time was awesome.

    Where Max Payne 2 fell over was the change in bullet time.
    In MP1, when you entered bullet time Max would move slow like the enemies would. Keeping things relative.
    In MP2 the enemies would move slow but Max could still move at regular speed, thus making him a super human or something.
    It didnt work. He Seemed detached from reality.

    Every game I've played from Rockstar has exceeded my expectations and I have no reason to think this game will be any different.

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