Are These The First DOTA 2 Screenshots?

A thread currently posted on NeoGAF shows what appear to be screens from Valve's upcoming DOTA 2, which will be making its debut at this year's gamescom.

We'll find out sooner rather than later if these screens are legit, but for now they're worth a quick gander at least.

Thanks VG247

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    o0o0o0o0o0o, purrrrdyyyyyy, can't wait !

    FUARKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK mirin the character models brah
    not mirin the ui ...

    That UI has a lot of wasted space that's taking up some of the view, that could cause issues.

    Am I seeing that right, Six abilities?! O.O

      The six slots are for items. I agree with the UI - it could probably be flattened more to be less obtrusive. But it's still in development - I have high hopes for this!

        No no, there's six item slots on the bottom right, there's SIX blocks in total in the abilities tab on the bottom. It can't be items

        Sorry Techy - I get what you mean about six abilities now. I think thats due to the hero, Doom Bringer - If I remember correctly he has a consume ability that lets him eat creeps. If he eats a neutral creep he gains it's ability, so maybe thats what the extra ability boxes are for. Other heros also have multiple toggles (sub-abilities) for the one ability - E.g Puck (a fairy dragon) can shoot out a ball of energy that damages enemeies, but has a sub-ability that he can toggle to teleport to the ball.

          ohhh! That makes more sense now, and looking at the screenie before that one proves it. Alright, now I can be excited, I doubt that UI will be allowed to be adjusted in size to maintain balanced play much like the resolution. I just hope they do downsize it a bit, and get rid of those wasteful grey blocks that aren't being used for anything. If they don't need to be there they should just go

      Looks like it is just a standard so it can be used for all heroes, so the UI for heroes who need 6 slots like Shadow Fiend in the first pic doesn't differ from the rest.

        The grey blocks are probably only there to "fill space" for widescreen resolutions. With a 4:3 resolution they wouldn't need to be there, but in 16:9 they're added to keep things "the same" across the board so widescreen players don't get an even bigger advantage in terms of view size (they'd already seem more to the left and right).

        Starcraft II does the exact same thing it's just not as obvious - the middle panel in SCII expands and leaves a lot of dead black space either side of it when using a widescreen display.

    looks fake/photoshopped. if bot, shaders textures and poly models are insanely pro.

      its real, there's too much effort there to be 'fake/photoshopped'
      its just in development

    For the most part I don't know what I'm looking at in the UI, but dem backgrounds are real purdy like.

    Am I the only one a little un-impressed by the graphics in these? They aren't bad looking, and certainly they are very clean and clear but I think it lacks a little detail and the art direction looks like it is still aping Warcraft 3.

      I think minimalism is the key for these games. HoN was way to busy with its scenery and suffered for it IMO.

    Yes, they are the 1st screenshots

    Sources should be given:

    it probably wont have 6 abilitys for each hero, its more likely to be the standard 4 and one is for a default passive bonus like lol aswell as a flat stat increase like in the original dota.

    the environments have alot of bloom and effects and a fair amount of detail while heroes have hardly any.

      Shadow Fiend's 1st ability has 3 separate ranges, hence why he has 6, not sure about wtf is going on with Doom Bringer though.

        Doom bringer has his 3 normal abilities, and his ultimate making 4 abilities
        When he eats a creep, he gets 1 or 2 new abilities (e.g. the alpha wolf has command aura and critical strike)

    The reflective water in that last shot does look very Source-y... hmm...


    I hope that in true Valve style they include a tutorial.

    Nothing worse than getting into DOTA for the first time and have your team rage at you for picking the 'obvious' wrong hero or not knowing what items to get.

    Omg be sick if u can put a blink n bkb n just hotkey with sf since thiers 6 slots =)

    The UI splits 4 abilities into 6 for those with 6, look at the screenshot of VS

    The models certainly look very pretty, but the world itself looks very dull, and the UI is downright ugly.

    I also hope you can zoom out further than what is shown.

    Lastly, I'm really not liking the minimap in the wrong corner. Having it on the left side was one of the best changes in LoL, as since the lanes run left-to-right, if your map is in the bottom right, there is a chance you could accidentally click it and run in the opposite direction in a frantic fight.

    Great, another game I love but am so poor at that the online community forces me to quit playing. If you are not born l33t, then dont even try to learn how to play apparently.

    Am I the only one who is disappointed because they haven't assigned all the abilities to a simple QWER format?

      Chances are, they will have the option. Seems only logical.

      nah, this is a valve production. Likely to have more keybinding options than you need and probably access to the console as well.

    hmm i guess no more hon and lol. dota 2 is where its ay

    The UI is shocking, if by the final build it's not stream-lined, it could cause some fuss. The models and background are looking nice. It's weird seeing more photo realistic stuff after playing LoL xD

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