As DC Universe Online Merges Into "Megaservers," Which Hero Will Keep His Name?!

Four "Megaservers" unifying DC Universe Online by platform and region will deploy on Monday, offering larger populations for raids, alerts and other missions, as well as swapping between PvP and PvE on demand.

Now, many of you are already wondering "Whoa, what about my hero's name?" Or villain's. See, if that cool moniker you thought up was taken on one server, maybe it was clear on another. But now all servers are getting merged down into four groups. So if two North American PS3 players separately chose "Ulterior Motive Man," on the old Killing Joke and Justice servers, who gets to keep it on the new, single PS3 megaserver for that region?

At a fan appreciation event at Comic-Con 2011, the DCUO staff laid out the rules. Basically, if there's a "collision" in name choice, whoever has an active subscription at the time of migration will get to keep the name. If two players have active subscriptions and the same name, then whoever has the most hours logged in the game gets to keep it.

If you lose out, you will get a free Name Change token and instructions on how to change your character's name if you don't wish to keep the handle assigned by the system. All I can say is, look for alternate spellings, ways to abbreviate or shorten the name, or delete spaces. All Captains can become Capts, Doctors are Drs and vice versa.

Or you may use the opportunity to completely rename yourself, and then go re-spec your powers and essentially create a new character at whatever level you've achieved.

Hopefully, that's the only icky detail of switching from individual servers to one giant server for each system and region. In the new layout, DCUO members will be able to swap between PvE and PvP "phases" by visiting the Watchtower (if they are heroes) or the Hall of Doom (for villains). A "Phase With" command will be available in DCUO's Social quick menu, allowing you to participate in the same PvE/PvP phase as a friend.

Here's where the MMO's old servers will go:

European PC Megaserver

(Conversion begins Aug. 8 at 4 p.m. Central European Time)


In Brightest Day

Looking For Trouble

Reality Lost

North American PC Megaserver

(Conversion begins Aug. 10 at 11 a.m U.S. Eastern Time)

Brave New World

Cry For Blood

Darkness Falls

Death and Glory

Last Laugh

New Frontier

Public Enemies

Virtue and Vice

Zero Hour

North American PS3 Megaserver

(Conversion begins Aug. 11 at 11 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time)


Blood Will Run




No Man's Land



The Killing Joke

European PS3 Megaserver

(Conversion begins Aug. 15 at 4 p.m. Central European Time)

Absolute Power


For All Seasons

Justice For All

New Producer's Letter From DeadMeat - MegaServers Are Coming! [DC Universe Online Facebook]


    Oh noes! How will I...

    No, wait. I don't play this game.

    I don't think anyone does.

    The point being? It's a crap MMO that pretty much no one plays, hence the merge.

    God knows why DC even got an MMO in the first place, so very little quality to work with. You have the Batman universe (the best DC property for now and ever) and then you have Superman (who has been written like a series of Lost his entire career). The rest aren't really worth worrying about and only really show any value when crossed over with Bats and Supes e.g. Justice League.

    Also gotta find it funny that an article like this has more work put into it than 90% of KotakuUS's other crud.

    Actually, quite a few still play, & its a great fun mmo with a good fast paced combat system & loads of cool characters (even Ambush Bug!)

    Also, you don't get to respec powers, just abilities. And with the name change, if you lose out your toon gets the initials of the server they originated on appended to their name. Eg Captain Awesome might become Captain Awesome_DF.

      Quite a few are obviously still nowhere near enough if they're doing merges of this scale.

        I'm not sure why you care enough to point this out if you aren't a player.

    Server merges, the first sign of a failing MMO. Next will be a move to F2P with MT's.

    Too late. Loved the game at first, but the servers were empty and it was overpriced. Sorry SOE but you'll need to do more then that to get me back...

    Holy... wasn't this game just released a few months ago? Already they are going for the server merge...

    Is it really that bad? All the reviews seem to give it pretty average to positive spins...

    it was released the summer of 2010

      The game was decidedly *not* released in the summer of 2010. DCUO launched in March 2011. Perhaps you're thinking of beta. I was in beta, and thought it had potential. I stayed through launch, and within 6 weeks, the game was virtually empty. SOE can spin this however they want, but we're assuredly looking at another MMO that SOE has managed to kill off.

    and the only reason it's mergering is because people buy it for different systems ... u dont see WoW being played on PS3

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