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    where is the cheapest place to preorder a digital copy of battlefield 3?

      Do you actually the follow the SPL down under? i know back when you first introduced yourself you mentioned you were a Rangers fan.

      As a Celtic FC guy that does make us near mortal enemies but i just pretend most of the time that you never mentioned it.

        sorry jake that wasnt ment to be a reply your question although its quiet funny...

        I would never accuse you of being a Rangers fan...sorry

          that's the best reply ever i was trying to make sense of it. also consider us enemies i don't know what the Celtic FC is and i hate what i don't understand

            In Rangers news they have signed matt mckay from the roar.!

              But could be sanctioned for playing Bocanegra (how ever you spell it) in the Europa Cup qualifiers. When he didn't have a UK visa to play in Scotland 3 days later.

    Did I miss something, or was there no mention of Project Redlime at Gamescom?

      Ooh, I forgot about this! Investigation, please~

      Yeah, nada... Interesting one to follow up on.

      Will do.

    Last week somejelly asked about not having a competition in a while. You replied with:

    Mark Serrels
    August 17, 2011 at 1:40 PM

    We’ve got one for tomorrow.

    Then a real humdinger coming up later in the month.

    So what ever happened to the contest we were supposed to have tomorrow, which is Thursday last week?

    Also I thought you were going to post pics of your spray on tan. What ever happened to those? Did I miss them?

      Things just got a little bit delayed. Sorry guys. I know we've been comp less for a while.

    Mark if you were SEGA what would you do given todays Refused Classification announcement.

    Given that R18+ is coming you would think at some point and that if an appeal fails they are not allowed to resubmit.

    Do you wait out for R18 and resubmit under the new rules for appeal, or do you roll the dice and go for appeal now?

      I think it's best for the industry as a whole if they just suck this up - mainly because the games industry's argument is that an R18+ rating will help protect children from games like House of the Dead.

      That said, I understand their frustration regarding the inconsistency.

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

      Woodchuck Norris doesn't chuck wood. He explodes trees with his fists.

    Where's the fake tan article?

      Since the fake tan was presumably done for the purpose of a BellaSugar article he may be waiting for them to post the story, so he can just link us to that.

      Otherwise he's just embarrassed.

      It's so close to being done. It's been something I've been working on at home, which is why it has taken a while!

    I've been wondering, if you received an email or some communication from a developer or publisher that appears to be the beginning of some viral advertising campaign for new game, do you feel compelled to make a post about it?

      I think this is a case by case thing. Depends on how cool it is, and what game it's about, etc.

    Simple question,
    Why are most PC gamers elitist, arsehat, douchebags?

      The same reason you are, I'd guess.

        I'm crushed, i truly am.

        Hit a nerve did i?

      Why are most online console players immature twats who insist on screaming religious insults at you or screaming sexuality oriented insults at you for just *being* there?

      Console players are just as bad, if not worse.

      I'm a console owner, and a pc owner, I game on both, have to say I haven't seen online behaviour this bad since the early days of CS around 99/2000.

        You just can't win whatever platform you're on, I haven't had much issue with juvenile and/or abusive gamers with PS3 gamers online (might not be the case for very much longer due to the lure of its price drop and free online)

        However it does concern me with CS:GO, and its talk of cross platform multiplayer (between PS3 and PC) how the two groups are going to interact. . .

          I'd have to agree. You still run across the occasional douche on the PSN but generally it's pretty good outside of COD.
          I remember reading an article sometime ago in the dim past reasoning that the higher initial cost of the PS3 meant that the xbox was the default console parents bought their children. This meant that the PSN tended to have a higher average user age, although this could be eroded with the price cuts as pointed out.

            How its gonna be the other way around, the 160GB PS3 tends to retail now for less than a 4GB 360, plus the lure of not having to pay a yearly fee to access online functionality leads me to fearing soon the juvenile loud-mouths will soon spread from just CoD. . .

              This is logical and makes by far the most sense. The Wii-60 demographic (360/Wii) owners of 4 or so years ago that chose those two over one PS3 at its peak price, meant far more people on XBL than the PSN at that time. Given its newer price, you can guarantee a flood of people on PSN sooner than later though... god help us all!

                That is assuming the people who bought 360's while they were cheap want to fork out another $300 for a PS3 (perhaps additional controller) and have no games for it.

                Probably isn't many people who don't already have a ps3 of 360 around these days.

      "PC Gamers" is a very, very large demographic. To suggest that there are traits which can easily be applied to the majority of the people who play videogames on any given platform is pretty irresponsible; perhaps you'd like to share with us a study or other collection of evidence to support your claim before demanding answers.

        Member of the PC gaming master race here

        . . . wait. . .

        *looks over at his PS3 and 360 in the corner*
        *looks down the hallway to the Wii in the Loungeroom*

        . . . sh*t. . .

        It was a broad stroke i admit and it did have trollish intentions.

        I definately know there are arsehat fanbois from all camps, it just seemed lately in a few earlier topics this week and last. The PC brigade got out their vuvulela's to start sprurting crap on everyone and their lowly consoles.

        I myself being 36, started my love of gaming on PC back in the dark ages but concede the only games i play on my PC now are Civ 1, Twinsens Adventure and Themepark world. Now days i just love the convenience of a great entertainment centre in the loungeroom with consoles aplenty. That and the fact i don't really play FPS's or RTS's and don't multi play either. And yes i know their are many other types of games on PC too.

      You're all wrong...handheld gamers are best!

      Now, ignoring the fact that you've phrased that in a terribly trollish manner, the answer is simple.

      In a related thought pattern to buyer remorse there is a thought pattern known as post-purchase rationalisation. Since the entry level for PC gaming is higher than that for console gaming, the pc users have a higher level of remorse, and so need to justify their purchase internally more than a console gamer. Given the natural insecurities found within, and our desire to not have those shown, they typically do this quite vocally, in the same way that you get console fanboys.

      This is further compounded by the amount of effort that goes into maintaining and upgrading a gaming pc. Since a "real" pc gamer will put time and effort into researching and finding out about a small subset of technological information (mostly for the purpose of making sure they can beat their friends), they will consider themselves technologically knowledgeable. On top of this again is the fact that consoles are "simpler" to run, and it gives pc gamers a theory of entitlement and power due to the higher entry requirements in every sense over that of a console.

      Also, they need some way to compete with the arsehats on Xbox Live.

        Very respectful and intelligent answer.


          Not a problem.

          I live in hope that some rich person will start reading my posts ad decide that I'm such an eloquent young man that I should be given money.

          Sadly it hasn't happened thus far. But if it did, man would I be laughing...

    Do you should they should look into giving consoles the ability to increase their specs. To allow developers the chance to create larger games, like higher player counts for Battlefield.

    Not as complex as a PC, more user friendly so that you can easily take out old hardware and put in new hardware.

    Although, this could cause some problems. It would force people to upgrade for a game if they don't want to, and it could be taken advantage of.

        But how was the received back in the day? Were people in favour of it or were gamers accusing Nintendo of scamming them out of their money?

          Personally I didn't care too much, but then I wanted to buy DK64 which was bundled with the expac. If I didn't want DK64, but needed to buy an expac to play say Majora's Mask, then yeh I would have been pissed.

            Worked quite well if I remember correctly, there was a few games came bundled with it for a discount.

          From memory, it made people mad. Me included.

      Nintendo tried this with the N64, but the take up was low, even though the biggest games of its last two years all required the expansion.

      I was originally going to type out a massive thing here with lots of technical mumbo jumbo and weird rants about random things, but since I decided that would be a bit tedious to read, I'll do an abridged form.

      The main advantage with consoles currently is that you have a very specific set oh hardware you're dealing with. The most variation in recent times within the same console was the DSi, which had four times the RAM of the older DS's, but because it restricted it so games couldn't access it, it didn't actually make a difference to how they played.

      For instance, my horrendously expensive computer has considerably more RAM than a 360, four processors all clocked higher than the three of a 360(not to mention that clock speed is largely irrelevant and that even while clocked lower they could considerably outperform it in single core tests), and a GPU that laughs at the pathetic internals of said console.

      Unfortunately, because of how optimisation works, particularly due to the use of Direct X across varying hardware, I do not see performance at the equivalent level over what the 360 gets.(Apologies if this appeared like a self-serving "ahahaha I wasted all my money on a computer which makes me better than you" rant, I did not mean it to be that way) If we were to add varying hardware into the mix, the games designed for consoles would all of a sudden have to deal with varying parts, in multiple different configurations, depending on what was installed, and the main optimisation benefits would be lost. There would also be problems in terms of power usage, and whether the PSU could take certain elements, and a whole host of other problems.

      I think everything we know about console gaming is going to change in the next 5 years. It's going to be very difficult to predict precisely what they'll look like or what they'll do.

      I think traditionally it's made better sense for console to be a fixed platform - but that may change.

    Are eb games still managing well, game stores are closing left right and centre, i doubt eb games has much left to surive what is a growing trend of importing, dd and the fact games are just too expensive in the current climate. Unless there is a massive turn around (rrp 70 dollars) i say we be seeing closures from early next year in large numbers like other stores

      Not gonna happen. EB still have a stranglehold on the industry. Plus with their 2nd hand sales being severely competitive (even I buy their 2nd hand sale stuff) they're well and truly here to stay for a while yet.

        I don't know how EB keeps going, but obviously some people like shopping there.

        I've never found their second hand prices to be competitive. Usually even within their own store I can find an equivalent priced new copy of the game, and often JB new is cheaper that EB used.

          We bulk out our games catalogue with their 'buy 2 get 1 free' deals etc, usually you can find some nice deals with say, Bioshock 2 for 29.95 etc like we found the other week.

      I honestly don't know how well EB are doing. I'd say they're most likely doing just fine. I think they're under threat from other retailers more than online shopping - for now.

      Not too many consumers are going online at this precise moment. It's still a low percentage.

    I would still like to know what monitors are the best for multi-monitor gaming. I need no less than 24inch, smallest bevel possible and I'm going for no less than three screes all up.

      I know you said no less than 24 inches but the quickest (def not cheapest) solution is the Samsung MD230X3 multidisplay (3x 23" monitors) otherwise the new Samsung 3D monitors (available in 24 or 27) have crazy thin bevels as well. Other than that I don't think there are too many monitors out there now that are drastically different in terms of bevel size.

      It's not my area of expertise to be honest...

      I think Samsung have a good range. I don't think you can really go wrong with those guys.

    Could you put in a good word for me to Tracey that I'm an awesome machine gamer knight? :)

      Just don't get it wrong and say he is a Horse Drawn Masochistic Gay Shiite!!!

    Have you had a look at the forthcoming XBL/PSN version of Choplifter? Any impressions to offer? Any idea of release date? I loved that game when I was a kid and am pretty keen to see how the new version turns out.

    Also - what's your PSN ID? I must add you to my list. Or is that highly classified information?

      Go back a page or two...we listed them there...mines PunishingHand anyway :)

        Oh, i'm a dumbass. It's here...

          Added mine, but I didn't see Mark's there, though...?

      Haven't played it yet - sorry!

      PSN: Serrels

      Xbox LIVE: DriestBobcat

      Steam: Serrels

        I'm gonna add you if you don't mind.

        Even if you do, i'm gonna add you anyway.

    Is it:

    Yoo-bee-soft; or

    Also, why did I buy a PS3 2 weeks ago, dammit?

      The second one.

      Ouch on the PS3 - at least you didn't buy a HP touchpad I guess.

      Number 2.

      And I know that feel bro.

      I bought an N64 for 250 pounds when I was 15. A month later they were selling for 100.

    Your favourite "bad" game?
    (for example, Duke Nukem just got smashed in the reviews but I had a good time with it)

      Awesome question...

      25 to life on the PS2.

      That game was soooo bad.

    Random question: you said a while ago that you did an English degree at uni... in Scotland?

    Has that been an advantage in your work now?

      Presumably that was considered a foreign-language course?

        If "Serrelsian brogue" were a foreign language course, I would totally study it...

          I'd sneak into the lectures just to listen to it being spoken.

      It's hard to tell...

      My degree seems useless. But maybe it made me a better writer. Who knows! It definitely didn't help me get into games writing though.

      My Masters was a bit more helpful, because it was quite practical.

    The matte black 360 slim consoles are now available in 4GB version only, do you know when the 250GB versions are being released?

    Did you ever end up checking out that independ games exhibit at the opera house? Seeing as how I never heard anything about it, I didn't bother, I hope I didn't miss anything :P

    You must be excited to go back to ol' Scotland, I'm from Glasgow myself and had a blast when I went back a couple of years back. Got any games prepared for the looong plane ride?

    Celtic or Rangers? If you're Celtic did you go to the game a couple of months ago while they were here? So many idiots running onto the field getting tackled by Police, Glasgow would be proud.

      Apparently it was just a few computers set up with some indie steam games.

      I'm a Rangers fan! And plan to finish Ocarina on the plane. If I can stay awake!

    Why, after the game has been out for over two months, does THQ still have probelms with the Ruin mode codes for Red Faction: Armageddon? I bought the damn game new from EB and got 'code has already been redeemed', returned it (they garaunteed both the first and second copies I got were new) and got the same message. Emailed THQ, got an email back saying that they are having significant issues with the DLC. Way to work that project 10 dollar!


    There hasn't been a competition in awhile.
    In the form of a question:
    There hasn't been a competition in awhile?

    haha deja vu. Mark I thought you said last week there was gona be one? I might have missed it then...

      The comp was don't mention any comps and you just lost...oop and so did I, D'OH!

        actually a legitimate question, I was under the impression that kotaku comps are held mostly when a publisher sends them free stuff to give away.

        Is this true?

        and does this mean that no one has been sending kotaku anything for quite awhile now?

          Either that, or Mark has been hoarding them for himself!

            Or for my KUDOS prize... that reminds me, I need to give Mark my address!

              Uhh, Mark, Shane lives at my house. *Cough*

                Wow. It must be like winning a prize EVERY DAY!

                  It's pretty good.

                  And just for that comment, Mark, can Braaains get Kudos? By the way, he also lives at my house. :P

                That reminds me, Blaghman, it's your turn to watch the baby, darn it - I want a date with my wife!

                  Sorry mate, I'm busy tonight.



                  Yes, plans.

                  And I'll be taking your wife too.

                  But in a not creepy way.

      Sorry guys - not been as many comps recently. I'll try and get more on the go.

    I have a feeling this article was automatically sent, hasn't Mark gone on holidays?

      Apparently his last day is next Wednesday, before he leaves us all to be crushed...

      Yeah, should have been more clear. Last day is next weds!

    I have a BF3 question - has anybody seen the 360 version in action? I haven't been able to find reference to it anywhere?

      No footage that I've seen for the 360, only the PS3 version which was previewd on Jimmy Kimmel apparenlty.

      What Dan said. Which is interesting.

      Although EA has done a lot of demos on PS3 with their other titles in the past.

      According to this:!/Demize99/status/103604254178156545 it's a marketing strategy, as opposed to anything else. Although it could well be a strategy of "not showing the version which looks the worst."

    I have a question, Mark, aren't you meant to be on holiday at the moment, or have I jumped the gun on this one?

      And I bet a 100 dragons that you'd win...bother.

      According to the man himself he's got until next Wednesday. Then we can have some mad parties while he's gone!

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