Assassin's Creed: Revelations' Gamescom Trailer Reminds Us What It's Like To Play As Altair Again

We've known for some time now that, among other things, Altair would be making his comeback as a playable character in this spring's Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

Now we get our first glimpse of what that looks like in this new, dubstep-infused Gamescom trailer.

Oh, and pay close attention towards the end for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by someone who looks an awful lot like Desmond -- but something's different, and he doesn't quite look like the Desmond we saw last. Feel free to speculate on what's in store for our present-day protagonist.


    Pardon my wilfull ignorance on all things mainstream, but why is it every third thing I see these days makes references to this "Dubstep" crap?

    Just what the hell is it and why did this garbage become so popular?

      Think is might of been space magic or something.

      Dubstep is an alternative genre of EDM. Its an off-shoot of Drum and Bass and old school UK Speed garage. At the moment its the biggest thing in electronic music. But that will fade.

      Jungalists will always reign supreme.

    Reckon it's subject 16, I cant see descends scar over his lip...

    Well if we're speculating, I think that mystery bloke is the REAL character you're playing, desmond is the memory that guy is exploring in an even more future animus and he's trying to look at memories within memories for some mystical doohickey

      I hope desmond wakes up and its all a dream.

      Holy shit that would piss people off.

        I have one better.

        All this time....

        *we have been Subject 16*

    Bet that's Subject 16...

    Worst release date.

    A week after Skyrim and the same day as Saints Row the Third.

    I want this, but goddamn, looks like it's one for next year.

    Also, Dubstep sure is horrible

    All the dubstep hate makes me lol. I hate pretty much all electro stuff but I quite enjoy some good dubstep (though good dubstep songs are few and far between).

      Agreed. I am a Dnb/dubstep DJ, but there is a disturbing lack of quality in most dubstep releases.

      Agreed. I am a Dnb/dubstep DJ, but there is a disturbing lack of quality in most dubstep releases.

    Also, why does the desmond/subject 16? dude look like he's stepped straight out of an old N64 cutscene?

    @all the dubstep hate, haters are gonna hate. ubisoft used genesis by justice for AC2 and that edgy hard electro/dub music works well as backing to make ezio look total badass

    That's deff desmond. Same clothes as acb but opposite color bc he's in the black room. He's aged quite bit so im curious to how late in the ac timeline it is and maybe its just me but his eyes look like he knows something now that he didn't before.

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